Weather, Tide Tables Sunrise/Sunset and Moon Phases


We are very fortunate to live in a beautiful costal region to the east of Northern Ireland.  The abundance of rugged coastline and sheltered loughs provide a never ending source of inspiration for our photographic adventures.

In our club there are members prepared to brave any weather at any time of the day or night to get that competition winning shot, then there are the rest of us!

Prior knowledge of the expected weather, the state of the tides, times for Sunrise and Sunset and maybe even the Moon Phases is always useful to be aware of.

With the kind premission of Chelmsford Camera Club, we have set out a table of links below.


Tide Timetables Sunrise/Sunset Moon
BBC Weather BBC Weather Tide Tables Sunrise & Sunset Map Moon Phases
Met Office Weather Admirality Easy Tide Photographer's Ephemeris Moonrise/Set Map