As a camera club we do not offer courses on photography. However, our on Wednesday evening sessions, we can cover whatever the member's require.

It is all rather informal and over the years we have found that discussion and debate build on academic courses or self help resources, like youTube.

As an amateur camera club, we can offer guidance to new and experienced photographers, no one knows everything. There is a social aspect to our club, which we are rightly proud of. Members quickly learn who has the same camera, so they can ask specific questions and sit down and discuss settings, etc. On a typical Wednesday evening members are encouraged to bring 6 photos on a usb stick.

We suggest just 6 as it allows us to project and then discuss each image in some detail. We have a full HD projector and a massive reflective screen. The images are shown and members are invited to comment. We use Fast Stone Image Viewer, free on Windows, and this allows us to view the EXIF data of all the camera settings.

Beginners, in particular, find this most informative as they often discover they have accidentally bumped up their ISO, or used an appropriate f/stop or shutter speed. All of this is discussed in a friendly and helpful way, with some banter and good humour. Faststone Image Viewer also allows us to make some adjustments to the image, and again beginners find this most useful. While the technical aspects are important, our feedback sessions will also offer suggestions on 'composition' and getting it right at the time - rather than trying to fix it in software. Learning that composition is the key to a good photo takes a while to learn.

Our friendly discussions and guidance helps members of all abilities.

"I did an online Diploma in Photography; but I can honesty say that I learnt more, about the really important stuff, by simply talking to other photographers at the camera club."

Mark Allen BNDCC Vice-Chairman