Some camera clubs are really passionate about competitions, at BNDCC we take a more relaxed view. Despite this; we came 3rd overall in the NIPA 2014/15 season.

Entering a competition allows you find out how your work compares to others in the club. Of course; the judging process is subjective and what might win in one competition might not in another, with a different judge. But it is a worthwhile learning exercise.

If your image is selected to go forward, representing BNDCC, to the NIPA Inter Club Competition, then seeing the other winning entries from every NIPA camera club can also be an eye opener. As a NIPA camera club we participate in the 'Inter Club' competitions, but we also have a number of internal competitions.

We encourage all our members, especially beginners, to enter competitions with a relaxed view and to use them as a learning process. As the judging will always be subjective, members can learn form the judges feedback on what they liked and thought worked very well.

More details of these and the rules, etc., can be found here.

Competition Tips

Competition Rules