Meetings Blog for 2014 - 2015


This page is a log of the activities taking place on our Friday and Wednesday evening meetings in the main September to May season. We give credit to Deborah Carvill, our Information Officer, for preparing these notes each week. Details of the proceedings and photographs are also submitted to the Bangor Spectator Newspaper for inclusion in their Club Section.


Bangor and North Down Camera Club held its AGM on Friday 1st May. Chairman Ray Magill opened the proceedings with his review of the work the committee had undertaken to 'keep the clubs wheels turning and the machinery running smoothly'.

Ray thanked all the external/ internal speakers and expressed his gratitude for a informative and comprehensive programme of guests and judges the club was privileged to have this year. Ray went on to pay tribute and thanks to president Gerry Coe, past Chairman Harry Watson and vice Chairman Mark Allen for all their support and advice over the past year.

Thanking Treasurers, Jack Thompson, assisted by Peter Gibson and Secretary, Christine Pearson for all their hard work in the running of the clubs administration. Thanks to Alan McMorris and Alan Hartley assisted by Harry Watson and Bobby Peacock for all their dedication and hard work for the Exhibition and NIPA Competitions throughout the year. With thanks to Noel Maitland our facilities manager with help from Bobby who's dedication to the upkeep of the clubhouse is a credit to BNDCC.

In the presentation and promotion of the club thanks went to David Roberts and Deborah Carvill for their weekly blog on the BNDCC website and in the Spectator Newspaper. With thanks to Child protection officers Shirley Graham and Deborah Gardiner, auditors John Miskelly and Trevor Craig. Also to other committees members Helen Fettus, Darren Brown, Hugh Rooney and David Best who work behind-the-scenes to organise, develop and assist in all aspects of the club.

For our Wednesday nights workshops a Special Thanks went to David Roberts, Mark Allen and Darren Brown for their contribution to the development and success of our novice members. With this years official programmet, thanks go to Gerry Coe and Ray Magill for once again organising a wonderful line up of photographers to inspire and encourage us with pure excellence and talent.

Ray expressed his sheer delight as the past president of NIPA and the current Chairman of BNDCC to have the personal satisfaction of witnessing the achievements of the club finishing 3rd place in the NIPA Interclub competition this year and becoming part of the premiership league of photographic clubs.

Finally Ray announced the 2016 Exhibition Competition - Chairman's Challenge theme as 'Patterns In Nature'.

Next on the agenda were the committee reports from Treasurer - Jack Thompson, Facilities Manager - Noel Maitland (Read from a report after Noel apologies were accepted), Webmaster - David Roberts, Competition Secretary - Alan Hartley, Information Officer - Deborah Carvill and NIPA Representative - Alan McMorris.

The President, Gerry Coe, thanked committee members for the past year, especially Ray for his enthusiasm towards steering the club to their recent success in NIPA and expressed a wish to see the club develop and improve it's novice representation within the club competitions. Using the workshop nights to improve camera skills and photography techniques.

Gerry also announced that the clubs annual exhibition will be held at the Curve Gallery in the Bangor library from 1st July for a month with the possibility of an opening night on 2nd July so members can keep the date in their diaries. Details will be confirmed later. Gerry officially took the chair for the proposal and election of the following Officers for the 2015 - 2016 committee.

Ray Magill was elected Chairman Mark Allen - Vice Chairman. Secretary - Christine Pearson Treasurer - Mandy Milliken
Assistant Treasurer - Jack Thompson Exhibition Secretary - Alan McMorris

Competition Secretary - Harry Watson
Facilities Manager - Noel Maitland
N.I.P.A Representative - Alan McMorris
Webmaster - David Roberts
Information Officer - Deborah Carvill
Child Protection Officer - Deborah Gardiner Programme Committee - Gerry Coe and Ray Magill Auditors - John Miskelly and Trevor Craig

Other Committee Members - Hugh Rooney, Alan Field, Helen Fettus, Mark Bell, Bobby Peacock and Darren Brown,

Gerry Congratulated all the elected committee members and handed over to Chairman Ray Magill for his opening address.

Ray remarked about the high standard the club has reached within NIPA this year and looks forward to enhancing the arrangements for working with novice members to keep that high standard going. In improving the level of 'Camera Craft' for the BNDCC members and increasing feedback this could be beneficial to members development. Ray conducted a few points of business before drawing the meeting and season to a close.

A reminder to members that the midweek sessions will continue throughout the year and Friday meetings will change to a workshop night until the new 2015 - 2016 season begins in September. The summer outings has some changes from the first or second Saturday of May, June, July and August so Please check with Facebook or Deborah Gardiner for details. It is a great way for novice members to chat with the advanced members and gain confidence and valuable photographic experience. To all members return back safe and well in September. Have a great Summer everyone!

Deborah Carvill


The Bangor and North Down Camera Club's annual exhibition competition 'post mortem' evening gives members the opportunity to witness the beautiful landscapes and portraits along with the wide variety of general photography which captivated the authors, judge and viewers eye. It gives members an insight into their improvements over the year and becomes an opportunity to celebrate the great achievements they and their fellow photographer have accomplished over the year.

Over 160 print posed a challenge to guest judge Vittorio Silvestri chairman of CPA and Vice President of NIPA. Especially in the advanced landscape category where Vittorio praised the club for its high standard of images.

Vittorio asked members to choose wisely their selection between printing an image in colour or monochrome. Selecting images with complementing tones and colours. Choosing monochromes that had blacks, whites and tones in between which gave texture and detail to bring the images alive. Advising members about carefully selecting the right categories for their images as some had more potential in other categories. Presentation was key as square mounts gave better framing to some compositions and complimented the ones that did but with one circular mount it 'just blew him away' when he saw the print. 'Connecting circles' by Glen Johnston which together with the Top Print winner 'Tunnels' by Neal Stephens were two prints Vittorio would love to have taken himself.

Vittorio's selection is as follow -

General Foundation Colour Prints

1st - Neal Stephens - Tunnel
< 2nd - Mark Bell - Catching Up
3rd - Mark Bell - Golden Mill
Commended - William Henning - Rough Sea and Harry Graham - Titanic Centre

General Advanced Colour Print

1st - Glen Johnston - Connecting Circles
2nd - Alan Field - Spidey
3rd - Nigel Snell - Gull
Highly Commended - Anthony Crosbie - Jetty At Sunset and May Carvill - Duck For Cover
Commended - Nigel Snell - Long Eared Owl and Alan McMorris - Escape Route

General Foundation Monochrome Prints
1st - Mandy Milliken - Tall Shadow
2nd - Mandy Milliken - Belfast Girl
3rd - Mark Bell - The Spire
Commended - William Henning - Folding Brownie and Mark Bell - On The Lookout

General Advanced Monochrome Print
1st - Hugh Rooney - Societe Generale
2nd - Alan Hartley - The Old Boot
3rd - Ray Magill - Lock-keepers Cottage Malestrait
Highly Commended - Ray Magill - Viewing McCurrys Photos, Alan McMorris - Bad Eddie, Darren Brown - Angel and Darren Brown - Bicycle Race
Commended - May Carvill - Orchid and Trevor Robinson - Temple Of The Wind

Landscape Foundation Colour Prints

1st - Mandy Milliken - End Of The Day
2nd - Harry Graham - Donegal
3rd - William Henning - Walkabout Australia
Commended - Mark Bell - Golden Sunrise, Mark Bell - The Giants Causeway, Mark Bell - White Arch and Mandy Mulliken - The Pier

Landscape Advanced Colour Print

1st - Alan Hartley - Sunrise
2nd - John Miskelly - Murlough Sunset
3rd - John Miskelly - Murder Hole
Highly Commended - Nigel Snell - Autumn Gold and Nigel Snell - Mayo Sunset
Commended - Nigel Snell - Mussenden and Darren Brown - Kirkjufell

Landscape Foundation Monochrome Prints
1st - Mark Bell - Wet Rocks
2nd - Mandy Milliken - The Lighthouse
3rd - Mark Bell - Lonely Tree
Commended - Mandy Milliken - Setting Sun and William Henning - Kato Paphos

Landscape Advanced Monochrome Print
1st - Hugh Rooney -ll Cipressini
2nd - Trevor Craig - Waimea Pier
3rd - John Miskelly - Murder Hole
Highly Commended - Darren Brown - The Old Jetty, Hugh Rooney - Pienza House
Commended - Darren Brown - Oxarafoss and Trevor Craig - Blanket Island Sentiniel

Portrait Foundation Colour Prints

1st - William Henning - Chloe
2nd - Harry Graham - Jackson
3rd - Mark Bell - Owen
Commended - Harry Graham - Chloe, Eddie Wright - Contented and Mark Bell - Cheeky

Portrait Advanced Colour Print

1st - John Miskelly - Shabib
2nd - Alan Field - Vietnamese Lady 3rd - Darren Brown - Eva Commended Darren Brown - Luci

Portrait Foundation Monochrome Prints

1st - William Henning - Hamish
2nd - Mark Bell - Jen
3rd - Mark Bell - Benjamin
Commended - Mark Bell - Nat

Portrait Advanced Monochrome Print

1st - John Miskelly - Charlette 2
2nd - Hugh Rooney - Pauline
3rd - Darren Brown - The Actor
Highly Commended - Harry Watson - The Bride
Commended - John Miskelly - Indian Beggar

Chairman's Choice Foundation

1st - Harry Graham - Many Windows
2nd - William Henning - Home In Cyprus

Chairman's Choice Advanced

1st - Anthony Crosbie - City Lights And Moonshine
2nd - May Carvill - Cold Fingers
3rd - Alan Field - Small Ships Tall Ships
Highly Commended - Alan McMorris - Bush & Water

Chairman's Choice Overall Winner
- Harry Graham - Many Windows

Foundation Colour Best print - Neal Stephens - Tunnel
Foundation Monochrome Best Print - Mark Bell - Wet Rocks Advanced Colour Best print - Glen Johnston - Connecting Circles


Advanced Monochrome Best Print - Hugh Rooney -
Societe Generale Top print
- Neal Stephens - Tunnel
Club Annual Competitions
Projected Digital Image - Neal Stephens
Colour Print - Mark Bell
Monochrome Print - Hugh Rooney
Photographer of the year - Darren Brown
Animal / Wildlife competition - Nigel Snell
Panels Competition - Hugh Rooney

Congratulations to all the selected winners and thanks to everyone who submitted images to the Exhibition Competition. Images will be displayed during the summer and details will be published at a later date.

Many thanks to Alan McMorris and Harry Watson for overseeing the competition and for setting up the clubhouse for the judging and the post-mortem evening. The closing date for the NIPA Exhibition has been extended to 12th May so please email Alan McMorris to arrange the collection of any prints members would like to submit for this competition. Also please check out the NIPA website for detail and rules. The last evening of the official camera club season is on Friday 1st May when the Annual General Meeting will take place at the clubhouse


Over the last few years the busy schedule during the Annual club Exhibition results night meant that members who submitted Projected Digital Images (PDIs) would miss out on any feedback the Judge could offer them due to the limited time over the evening. So this year the committee strived to resolve this by organising a separate event in which the images could be displayed and where experienced advice would benefit members.

At the launch of Bangor and North Down Camera Club PDI Event 'Post Mortem' the judge, Anne Given (CPAGB, LIPF, LRPS) from Catchlight Camera Club expressed her enjoyment at having such an opportunity to work her way through the body of work from the club and how delighted she was to see the quality presented in the competition to make it all so challenging a task.

Anne has gained many an award from Salons and National competitions and her knowledge in this newest form of photographic competition has even guided her own club to success in the GB cup for small clubs. Accompanied by her husband Bob, both were very welcome visitors to the club on Friday and Anne constructively set about creating a build up of excitement to her chosen winners from the 160 images over 3 categories - Landscape, Portrait and General in both Foundation and Advanced sections.

Anne's selection is as follows but you also can view all the PDIs online at -

Foundation landscape

1st - Harry Graham - Giulfoss
2nd - Mark Bell - Eclipse
3rd - Mark Bell - Setting Sun
Commended - Mark Bell - The Stoney Arch, William Henning - Silent Valley and Neal Stephens - Fishtail.

Advanced Landscape

1st - Darren Brown - Kirkjufell
2nd - Nigel Snell - Door Lough Reflection
3rd - Darren Brown - Storm
Highly Commended - Alan Mc Morris - Fanad Head
Commended - Mark Allen - Elgol and Mark Allen - Black Church.

Foundation General

1st - Neal Stephens - Jazz Man
2nd - Neal Stephens - Hover Fly
3rd - Neal Stephens - Porcelain Fungus
Highly Commended - Harry Graham - Looking Up
Commended - Mark Bell - On The Edge and Mark Bell - On The Prowl

Advanced General

1st - Michael Rice - Caught In The Rain
2nd - Alistair Bell - The Hat
3rd - Alistair Bell - Urban Camouflage
Highly Commended - Michael Rice - Silhouetted By The Moon, Alan Field - Sea Shell and Mark Allen – Shadows
Commended - Alan Mc Morris - Shutter, Alistair Bell - Cable Car Barcelona, Deborah Carvill - Searching The Skies At The Festival Of Light, Alan Field - wake Up... And Darren Brown - Odi

Foundation Portrait

1st - Neal Stephens - Protesting Firemen
2nd - Mark Bell - Rock Star Jen
3rd - Mark Bell - Stuart

Advanced Portrait

1st - Trevor Craig - Nothing Left
2nd - Trevor Craig - Please Feed Me
3rd - Mark Allen - Old Lady
Highly Commended - Mark Allen - Old Man and Darren Brown - Waiting
Commended - Alan Mc Morris - Miya, Alistair Bell - Michelle, Mark Allen - Happy Guy and Darren Brown - Eva

The Foundation PDI overall winner is Neal Stephens for 'Protesting Firemen'.
The Advanced PDI overall winner and Overall PDI Competition went to Trevor Craig for 'Nothing Left'

Congratulations to all the winning entries and to everyone who submitted an image to make the competition such a success. Many thanks to Anne (and Bob) for spending the time to adjudicate and to give her advice and support to the club newest event. Thanks also goes to Alan Mc Morris for all his hard work and dedication to the club's annual exhibition competition and for organising this seperate PDI event which members fully appreciate.

Friday 24th the Print Annual Exhibition Competition 'Post Mortem' will be held with guest judge Vittorio Silvestri. Members are also reminded that the NIPA annual exhibition entry closing date is at the end of April and are encouraged to submit images. Please check the NIPA website for the Rules and details on how to enter.

BNDCCs summer outings selections are now posted to the BNDCCs website and can be viewed under the Programme section. Thanks to Deborah Gardiner and David Roberts for organising and posting them online so members can check out the locations.

Bangor and North Down Camera Club would like to Thank the management and staff of The Esplanade in Bangor for once again helping to make the clubs Annual Exhibition Dinner such a successful night for members. Thanks also goes to Gerry Coe, Alan Mc Morris, Mark Allen, Jack Thompson and Peter Gibson for all their hard work in preparing, organising and presenting all awards and prizes on the night.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who submitted images to the exhibition. Together with all the title winners of the competitions thoughtout the club year it adds to the celebrations of the evening that goes to makes up the clubs award ceremony.

On Friday 17th April the club programme will resume at the clubhouse in Ward Avenue for the Exhibition Post Mortem. Where we will see all the entries and winning Projected Digital Images and hear feedback by the exhibition judge.

Deborah Carvill

Any photographer using Photoshop has to encounter and try to perfect their skills at mastering Layers. It is an art form of stacking images on top of another in which adjustments can be carried out to influence the outcome of the final image and many struggle to get to grips with it. But for Kate McIlreavy with her background in papercraft and being very creative she set out to show her husband, the Late Stanley McIlreavy, the layers - Physically.

Kate decided to construct a panel of image for an accreditation from the Irish Photographic Federation and used a theme of 'Hands' to demonstrate layers using techniques she learned from Decoupage/ Decopatch. Over the next two years Kate photographed hands at every opportunity from potters, craftsmen, buskers, flag protesters and markets traders to grandchildren and even statues all posed in various activities.

Kate then printed 5 prints for each shortlisted image and carefully cut around each section to convey a 3D effect and stuck them all in place on a base print. The process taking 2hrs per print and the results were absolutely amazing, stunning, creative and Innovative according to the judges too but was unsuccessful. It is with hope and encouragement we wish Kate future success with this wonderful panel. It surely is one of the most visually inspiring presentations to date.

Stanley's last project was an important and proud moment for both Kate and members of the club to pay tribute to a fellow photographer, great friend and past member of BNDCC. Stanley set himself a task during his illness and used it to focus him through his treatment. He had wanted to record every harbour in County Antrim and set about the task with the help of Kate. Sadly Stanley didn't get to put music to the AV but instead Kate asked members to shout out if they recognised the harbours which filled the room with intrigue at some hidden gems.

Fitzpatrick's pub in Carlingford, Broadisland Gathering in Ballycarry, The Burren in Co Clare and The Nomadic at the Titanic Quarters all part of a passion both Stanley and Kate had for photography and their photographic journey together. Not only to record the people and places but to capture the atmosphere which captivated them. BNDCC wishes to Thank Kate for this wonderful opportunity to join us and recall precious memories of Stanley with members and to appreciate both of your photography and your courage. Thank You!

A few announcements from Friday's meeting - some great news about the 5th and last NIPA Interclub competition (Landscapes / Seascapes) in which BNDCC finishing 3rd place overall to Catchlight and Christian Brothers (CBPPUCC) and has joined the premiership of clubs in the overall standings. Hugh Rooney received first place in the Mono Print section with Darren Brown getting a starred image. John Miskelly was first in the Projected image with a further two starred image in the Colour Print section where Darren Brown also gained his second starred image.

Projected digital images can be submitted for the exhibition competition up until 1 April please see the BNDCC website or Facebook page for details on how to upload images on the submission form. If you have any problems with this new system please contact Alan McMorris (Exhibition Secretary)

There will be no meetings at the clubhouse for two weeks. Friday, 3rd April, as we break for Easter and on the following Friday, 10 April it will be our annual exhibition dinner in the Esplanade. More details of the event and a menu will be circulated by email or facebook at a later date so Please keep checking and reply ASAP. It's always a memorable night and helps to draw the official camera club year to a close with only the Exhibition results and the AGM ending this years programme.

A reminder to all key holders can you please check that all the heaters and lights are switched off before you lock up the clubhouse. Thank you!

Deborah Carvill

A picture can tell a thousand words. Simply by photographing a moment in time in which to capture history, events, people and places. So for two members of the Bangor and North Down Camera Club, Trevor Craig and John Miskelly, 'A Passage To India' was taken as a mission to fulfil the desire to challenge their craft and to make some personal achievements through their own photography when the opportunity arose to do a project for the Emmanuel Trust (Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta is a movement of people who believe that each individual has intrinsic value and deserve respect and dignity.

Trevor Craig on his first visit to India introduced members to the capital city of West Bengal - Kolkata (Calcutta). The third largest city in India with a population of 14.1 million people, many of which live in poverty and survive on just 25p a day. Trevor had three special reasons to visit india. The first was Street photography, trying something completely different to his usual landscape photography. The second was to meet the child he sponsors through the trust named Pooja Daz and finally it was on his Bucket List.

You love it or you hate it! The colours, poverty, smells, pollution, noise of the traffic and the wall of sound all the time was a constant attack on the senses but even the language barrier was not enough to deter Trevor from enjoying the people and the country. Remarking 'to come from such poverty and being from the lowest levels of society they were genuinely the nicest people he had ever met and enjoyed the whole experience'

Travelling with his Fuji XT-1 and a few lenses Trevor and John (with his Nikon and sound recording equipment) visited the Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta school and orphanage to complete a project which is close to both their hearts. While visiting Pooja Daz, Trevor could see at first hand the difference his donation has made to her life and witness the contrast of street life to which such children find themselves begging, becoming drug addicts and prostitution as the only ways to survive. On streets where sleeping, washing, washing clothes, mending shoes, preparing food and eating are all carried out daily among the rubbish and decay in full view of the world around them.

Travelling further north to Varanasi, a 14 hour journey. It is the oldest inhabited city in the world, the holiest of seven sacred cities in Hinduism and pilgrims go there to die and be reincarnated. On the banks of the Ganges it attracts holy men reading scripture, snake charmers to pilgrims wanting to bathe and wash in the sacred waters. Trevor concluded with an AV of his own journey using B&W images to convey the stark contrast of the living conditions human being have to survive in with the joy and colour of their spirit especially when the hand of respect is shown to offer them a little dignity they deserve.

For John Miskelly it was his 12th - 13th time in India but coming from a tv and radio background training with cameras, lighting, vision and stage management while working at the BBC, ITV and Radio 1-4 as a sound engineer for the news team. John wanted to use his knowledge of broadcasting which has seen massive changes in the digital age. With his DSLR and extra bits of sound equipment John wanted to bring home the story of the characters he has witnessed in his visits. Emmanuel trust has raised one million pounds and makes such a difference in the children's lives

Preparing storyboards and a list of the shots John wanted to include to give a close up view of the poverty of children on the streets. Pre Arranging translators and transportation etc. Researching how to get the best quality from the compact light equipment for traveling. But on arrival found plan A needed a plan B and soon set about organising a team to help communicate the children's story.

The Railway Station Children. Children who came to the city to seek a better life, who had been lost or abandoned on the 20-30 platform station by their family. Now sheltering hidden in the dark corner becoming gangs of addicts and turning to crime. Being abused and beaten by other gangs and police. John wanted to show the kids in their natural environment but that came with risk as if they were caught filming they could be arrested and more so a risk to the team helping and kids than it would be for John. But a story worth the risk. The only hope for these children is a project

now in the process where land has been purchased by EMC and this will provide day and night shelters, addiction rehabilitation centres and schools for studies / vocational studies to rebuild these children's lives. John has witnessed the changes in the last 5 years. There are less people begging on the streets and that is such a positive outlook on the projects EMC work and commitments to these forgotten children.

Thanks to Trevor and John for two very different but beautiful moving and powerful presentations and for bringing their stories home! Thanks to the Emmanuel Trust and the EMC for their continued dedication to these children.

Friday, 20 March is the submission date for the Annual Club Exhibition entries. Members can submit 3 images each of mono, colour or PDI for Landscape and Portraiture. 5 images each of mono, colour and PDI can be submitted for General. With only 1 printed image for the Chairmans Challenge the theme this year is 'A View from my Window'. Prints will be displayed at the Library and The Aurora so atmospheric conditions can vary Please ask for advice on how to best present your work for display. Good Luck Everyone!

On 27 March Kate McIlreavy will be joining members for an evening in memory of the late Stanley McIlreavy, a great friend and frequent visitor to BNDCC.

Deborah Carvill

On Wed 25th Feb BNDCC and Donaghadee camera club jointly held the NIPA Interclub round 4 competition (Open) at the Fountain Center on Queens Parade. BNDCC wishes to Thank the member of both clubs, Martin Spackman and the NIPA committee members and Judges who contributed to the nights resounding success.

We would also like to Thank BPIC for their help with display boards and the Fountain Centre for the use of their wonderful venue. Special Thanks to Jack, Alan, Noel, Bobby, Deborah and husband Nigel Gardiner for your help to organise and prepare the event. With one more NIPA round to go BNDCC are still lying 3rd overall.

BNDCC sends Congratulation to Alan Hartley for his success in the recent AV Festival at Ballyearl. Alan received his green ribbon from club chairman Ray Magill for his commended AV 'Guernsey'. Ray also announced the 'Chairman's Challenge' for this years Club Exhibition Competition the theme is 'View From My Window'.

Members can submit one printed image and the closing date for all exhibition entries will be on Fri 20th March 2015. The other themes are Portraiture and Landscape (3 images per section of mono colour and PDI) and General theme (5 images per sections of mono colour and PDI) Rules are available on the website.

On Fri 6th March Ards Camera Club in partnership with BNDCC and Donaghadee Camera Club members met up at Newtownards Townhall for an evenings Natural History Lecture with Robert Thompson FRPS FIPF. Robert is a freelance writer who travels Ireland and the world studying and recording a visual archive of a variety of different species and is the author of many popular natural history and nature photography books.

Roberts Intrigue by dragonflies and butterflies, as a child, led him to a lifelong dedication for photographing them and eventually onwards to become a field tester for Cameras. From all this many a high profile project through Universities and Museums have followed. Combining fieldcraft and methodology from photography and the natural world as the key to his success in capturing what will always be the perfect shot in the fast pace and limitations of time this genre has.

The selection of lenses and converters with the appropriate depth of field, in conjunction with a search for the ideal background and wrapped in great patience all evident in Roberts amazing photographs. Together with a passion to pass on his knowledge Robert presented 3 AVs during the evening to the 100 strong (sold out) audience and each one revealed a glimpse into what it truly takes to be a natural history photographer.

BNDCC wishes to Thank Robert Thompson and Ards club for a wonderful evening. Special Thanks to the Chair of Ards, Linda Hutchinson who hosted a perfect evening, to Peter Knott on sound and any members from the three clubs involved in selling tickets, bringing prizes, donating and in organising the tea and treats for the event. Congratulations to all the members who won prizes in the draw for comic relief and those members who were lucky to win the books and calendars which Robert so kindly donated on the night.

On Friday 13th March Trevor Craig and John Miskelly will be talking to the club about travel photography in their presentation on 'A Passage To India'.

Deborah Carvill

In this age of digital, images can be taken in an instant with camera phones or various types of digital cameras. So much so, we have been bombarded with an images overload in which photographers battle to make a living in these difficult financial times. So photographers today have to push the boundaries and venture to places that nobody else has seen.

When you look at a beautiful landscape photograph do you stop to think about the story behind how that particular view was captured and how it's story can add a little light or shade to the scene? We tend to forget how difficult it is to get 'that shot' at that unusual angle or view. The extremes some photographers venture to taking that extra mile while risking life and limb. A balance of courage and safety to get to these hidden treasures and record these beautiful moments of nature and time at its best. For Ballymena photographer Chris Ibbotson his passion for landscapes and new adventures was apparent for members of The North Down and Bangor Camera Club.

Starting in 2004 when Chris got his first digital camera (Kodak) and a world of opportunity opened up to him. An interest in architectural photography soon developed from Man's to nature architecture. After changing up through Lumix and Canon cameras Chris took courses in photography to learn technical skills and self critique. He set up a Facebook page and website to start selling his images and was soon picked up by Digital SLR Photography Magazine in September 2014 who published a portfolio of five images with one a double page spread. Chris also won awards from Discover Northern Ireland comps and also has winning images featured in The Giants Causeway visitors centre.

Using the same Digital technology Chris uses Apps and the Internet to find out weather conditions (BBC website), sunrises and sunsets (The Photographers Ephemeris) and tide times ( https:// ) before he sets off to places like Fanad and St John's Lighthouse, Ness Countrypark , Mussenden Temple, The Dark Hedges, Dunluce Castle, Ballintoy Harbour and locations dotted along the North coast and around the Glens of Antrim. Untouched caves, majestic waterfalls, beaches with silky seas and rocks to lead the eye to the distant mountains. On a jetty or below a bridge, castles to the Industrial and tourist hub of the Titanic quarters all captured with beautiful light and mystical dramatic skies that these shores have been attracting many a recent visitor to.

Things were to change pace in the second half of the night when Chris demonstrated some of the newer techniques he was incorporating into his photography. Longer exposures was always part of capturing the atmosphere but Chris also got a little more creative by experimenting with car light trail, amusement park lighting and fireworks displays like most photographers progress to. But when Chris started painting with light, photographing star trails and the Milky Way (star tracker App) it was a whole new adventure. Using led lights, electroluminescent wires, neon cables and steel wool to add a little sparks to his images and had members keen for a live demonstration.

BNDCC would like to wish Chris well on his continuing Photographic Journey and hope that he will return again in the near future. Thanks to Chris for joining us for what we know is the start of a successful camera club tour. Please take time to visit or contact Chris for further details on the following websites:

On Wed 25th Feb BNDCC and Donaghadee camera club jointly held the NIPA Interclub round 4 competition (Open) at the Fountain Center on Queens Parade.

BNDCC wishes to Thank the member of both clubs who contributed to the nights resounding success. We would also like to Thank BPIC for their help with display boards and the Fountain Centre for the use of their wonderful venue. Special Thanks to Jack, Alan, Noel, Bobby, Deborah and husband Nigel Gardiner for your help to organise and prepare the event. With one more NIPA round to go BNDCC are still lying 3rd overall.

Congratulation to Alan Hartley for his success in the recent AV Festival at Ballyearl. Alan received his green ribbon from club chairman Ray Magill at Friday nights meeting for his commended AV 'Guernsey'. Ray also announced the 'Chairman's Challenge' for this years Club Exhibition Competition the theme is 'View From My Window'. Members can submit one printed image and the closing date for all exhibition entries will be on Fri 20th March 2015.

On Fri 6th March David Roberts will be holding an informal workshop on flash photography at the clubhouse on Ward Avenue while in conjunction with Ards camera club members who purchased tickets will meet at Newtownards Townhall for an evening of natural history photography with Robert Thompson FRPS FIPF.

Deborah Carvill.


Finishing off the NIPA club competition for the year, BNDCC members visited their talents upon coasts and countryside around the globe in search of that one spectacular vista, beautiful sunset, cascading waterfall or a raging storm over the sea to capture the eye and the heart of the guest judge Peter Knott from City of Belfast Photographic Society and Ards Camera Club.

From our own beautiful shores of Bangor and Strangford. The gardens and lakes of Mount Stewart. Spelga and the Mourne Mountains or the Giant Causeway on the North Coast to as far afield as Alaska, New Zealand, Norway, Italy, Iceland, Canada, Wales and Scotland. A well travelled club remarked Peter!

Wanting to see depth and distance in the Landscapes or Seascapes Peter selected images with a strong foreground and background with a simple, undistracted view of the scene as well as a straight horizon and beautiful colours with lighting to give atmosphere. Dramatic clouds and waves, calm reflecting lakes and towering mountains with every summit in amazing detail all impressing Peter to the high standard and quality members had worked so hard and braved all kinds of weather to achieve.

Getting the right time of day with the right lighting and colour tones was a bit of advice Peter passed on to members and praised the use of a letterbox format as being the best way of presenting landscape photography. Peter remarked upon the fact that BNDCC was the only club in NIPA to title their images (on display) which he enjoyed the help it gave to him while judge.

Bill Henning and Mark Bell battled it out for most placings for the mono and colour print sections in foundation while Darren Brown took all three top spots in the advanced colour, mono and PDI sections. A feat that gained Darren BNDCC Photographer of the year 2014/15.

Peter's selections for Round 5 (Landscape / Seascape) are as follows -

Foundation Colour Print

1st - Mark Bell - White Arch
2nd - Bill Henning - Limasol at night
3rd - Mark Bell - Golden Sunrise
HC - Bill Henning - Neslon, New Zealand
HC - Mark Bell - The Giants Causeway
C - Mandy Milliken - The Pier
C - Brian Watt - The Crabcatchers

Foundation Mono Print

1st - Bill Henning - Lake Tekapo, NZ 2nd - Mark Bell - Wet Rocks
3rd - Bobby Peacock - Staffen Island
HC - Brian Watt - Sunset Strollers
HC - Bill Henning - 90 Mile Beach, NZ
C - Harry Graham - Follow the Stones
C - Mandy Milliken - Setting Sun

Foundation Projected Digital Image

1st - Geoff Conn - Spelga
2nd - John Thompson - Nam O
3rd - Geoff Conn - Frozen Dam
HC - Mark Bell - Golden Lough
HC - John Thompson - Son Tra Sunset

Advanced Colour Print

1st - Darren Brown - Kirkjufell
2nd - Peter Hughes - Welsh Landscape
3rd - Alan Field - Bangor Bay
C - Nigel Snell - Autumn Wood
C - Darren Brown - Mourne Sunset
C - Alan McMorris - Beach Sunset

Advanced Mono print

1st - Darren Brown - Oxararfoss
2nd - Hugh Rooney - Pines House
3rd - Hugh Rooney - Murlough
C - Ray Magill - View across the Lake
C - Nigel Snell - Room with a view
C - Edward McCavana - Ice Field Reflection
C - Anthony Crosbie - Storm over the 12 Apostles

Advanced Projected Digital Image

1st - Darren Brown - Kirkjufell
2nd - Darren Brown - Svartifoss
3rd - Mark Allen - Oxararfoss
HC - Nigel Snell - The Meeting
HC - Darren Brown - Stormy Skies
C - Mark Allen - Seljalandfoss
C - Alistair Bell - Pinacles Moon
C - Alan Hartley - Jump!

Congratulations to Darren and all members placed in round 5. Thanks to Peter knott for joining us as Guest judge for the night and to Alan Hartley and Bobby Peacock for all their hard work and dedication throughout the year in making every competition run smoothly and successfully. Thank You!

At this year's NIPA All Ireland Audio Visual Festival and Championship at Ballyearl in Newtownabbey (Fri 13th & Sat 14th Feb, 2015) BNDCC received some very welcome and exciting news for three of its members. Alan Hartley with 'Guernsey' (his first ever sequence at the festival) gained a commended placing. Jack Thompson in collaboration with Mollie Mc Conaghy from Donaghadee Camera Club won the best Northern Ireland Theme with their sequence of 'Anna'. This is Jacks third year in a row (2013/14/15) to win the NI Theme award. Mark Allen in only his second year in the advanced section achieved 1st place in not only the NIPA section, but his sequence of 'Iceland' was also awarded the overall 'All Ireland' winner, after it went 'head to head' against the Irish Photograph Federation's winner.

Mark explained that all the versions of his sequence came together through taking onboard feedback and advice, from fellow camera club members. This is the bedrock of our camera club Wednesday evening meetings, encouraging members to share their knowledge, skills and experience. As an upcoming AV/Slideshow producing club it encourages and inspires other member's to follow the club's continuing success. We would like to offer our Congratulations to Mark, Jack, Mollie and Alan! And wish them well in future competitions.

On Friday 27th Feb, Chris Ibbotson will be joining BNDCC for a look at his own Landscape Photography Journey and you can also visit Chris's website at

Deborah Carvill



Panels night at BNDCC can be a daunting task for many members. Creating a piece of work with 6 images where the eye will ease through each photograph in a flowing movement where balance, composition, lighting, tones, colours and individual subject matter all combine and compliment the common theme. Becoming a visual storyteller throughout the process.

NIPA President and guest judge for the evening was Martin Spackman ARPS. Martin firstly payed tribute to a project he has been involved in setting up for local photographer. The popular and well respected, the late Jim Moreland and invited members to The Red Barn in Belfast to view an exhibition of Jim's works. An important legacy of images from Belfast from 1963 for the last 50 years until he sadly passed away. No frames, just hung on the wall, the way Jim intended. The Master passing on his wisdom to others who had the passion to learn. Images that speak for themselves of the true talent and professionalism Jim had throughout his photographic years. Please check out the website and email for details.

Martin acknowledged how important it is to have a mix of men and women members within the club and recalled a moment from two years ago where he had a hard time deciding between two panels for 1st and 2nd placings. Both turned out to be from mother, May Carvill in first place and daughter, Deborah Carvill in second place. His advice further encouraging both ladies to continue in a competition they both enjoy - Panels.

Martin continued to give constructive advice which was greatly appreciated by many members of the club. An element of judging passed on to him by Jim's encouraging ways and one which gave him enjoyment in passing it on to others.

Martin wants to be intrigued by the authors who created each panel. A story with a beginning middle and end. A speeding bullet passing and shattering through lightbulbs. An Easter Parade in Spain and the architecture of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to a panel of Colourful Flowers in the foundation colour section and in the mono prints The Giro D'Italia with riders and entourage, A collection of vintage cameras in sepia tones and three ladies with clever caricature incorporated into the same image repeated in the row below all displaying a strong indication to the talents the foundation members have in the club.

In the Advanced colour section a collection of vintage and new containers colourfully presented a flat surface to create the splash from, the blue ice flows from Glacier Bay and A view from a porthole of blue skies and sea beyond. The open autumnal landscapes of Murdock and the Giro D'Italias Big Start with pro cyclists, supporters, caravan, team car and peloton racing for the pink. Flocks of birds in flight, Artic Terns and owls in a muted tones and textured finish brought an artist feel to this natural history panel. The mono advanced section had Martin once again splitting hairs to pick his winner and runner up. An architectural panel from Paris and a Landscape Infrared panel of Mount Stewart. Both quality prints and presented extremely well. Trying to find a fault Martin remarked the only fault is 'it is not mine' and declared 1st place to the architectural panel.

Projected images of Napal snow covered mountains and mountain climbers, motorbike road racers airborn over the crest of the hill, vintage cars showing character with their facial like expressions. Misty seas with mystical boats and belfast harbour with the ferry and oil rig, plant life along the shore and flowers in beautiful bloom and interior architecture capturing every available angle and light source to give depth and detail. Again showed great quality from the foundation members. For advanced members Iceland's dramatic vistas, mountains and waterfall, Perth cityscape from day until night and Rachael exploring a red rock mountain gave depth and scale in her adventures. Icelandic horses showed individual personalities and group poses of these majestic animals. Mount Stewarts Festival of light captured all aspect and colours reflected at the event, Birds in and out of water at Castle Espie quietly swimming or all in a flap. Ulster autumn foliage with its unusual colours of decay or the colours of plants now at their time to blossom.

Encouraging members to use the right lenses for the right occasion and using a tripod to create that perfect image to be able to increase the standard that is required by clubs in today's

competitions. Knowing which image looks better in black-and-white rather than colour or judging the tonal range before taking a photograph with an infrared camera to create a nice balance quality image. Even taking a break from your computer and returning later to adjust until you find the perfect images and standing further back will help in the arrangement of a panel.

The Panels Results are as follows:-

Foundation Colour Print

1st - Bill Henning - Alternative Lighting
2nd - Brian McMullan - Easter in Spain
3rd - Harry Graham - Sagrada Familia Barcelona
Eddie Wright - Flower Shop

Foundation Mono Print

1st - Harry Graham - Giro D'Italia
2nd - Mark Bell - Seriously Cheeky
3rd - Bill Henning - Cameras through the ages

Advanced Colour Print

1st - Nigel Snell - Flights of Fancy
2nd - Alan Field - Splish Splash
3rd - Edward McCavana - Glacier Bay
Alan Hartley - Murlough,
Trevor Robinson - Through the Porthole
Debbie Carvill - Giro D'Italia,
Darren Brown - Money

Advanced Mono Print

1st - Hugh Rooney - La Defense, Paris
2nd - Ray Magill - Mt Stewart Lake Views

Foundation Projected Digital Image

1st - Neal Stephens - Nepalese Journey
2nd - Lesley Crawshaw- Plantasmagoria
3rd - Harry Graham - Angles and Light
Mark Bell - To the limit,
Bill Henning - Fender Bender,
Bobby Peacock - All at sea

Advanced Projected Digital Image

1st - Mark Allen - Iceland in Black and White
2nd - Deborah Carvill - Festival of Light
3rd - Alan Field - An Ulster Autumn
Trevor Robinson - Perth City Lights,
Alistair Bell - Racheal Rocks Darren Brown - Icelandic Horses,
May Carvill - Castle Espie

Congratulations to Hugh Rooney’s “La Defense, Paris” (Mono Panel) won the best overall Panel. Our Thanks goes to Martin Spackman for taking time to give everyone feedback and all his hard work to adjudicate the competition. Thanks also goes to Alan Hartley, Bobby Peacock and Hugh Rooney for their hard work in organising and for their hospitality on the night.

Ray Magill presented 2 members with their certificates who were starred in the NIPA Interclub third round for 'Structure'. Congratulations to Hugh Rooney (Eiffel Tower), Neal Stephens (Tunnel) and the third member who received his certificate last week was Glen Johnson (Connecting Circles). With this result Bangor are still 3rd in the overall NIPA standings. Round 4 (Open) is to be jointly held by our own BNDCC and Donaghadee Camera Clubs and will be held in the Fountain Centre at Queens Parade in Bangor on Wednesday the 25th Feb, 2015.

Friday 13th Feb is a beautiful photographic journey of Yellowstone by Bob Given and is also the closing date of the club NIPA Round 5 - Landscape /Seascape which will judged on the 20th Feb 2015.

In a change to the program on 27th February Chris Ibbotson a landscape photographer will be presenting some of his images and talking about his photographic journey. Chris will be replacing the Carrickfergus Photographic Society Novice Challenge which has been cancelled. Also more tickets have become available for the Robert Thompson Natural History Lecture at Ards Townhall on Friday 6th March. More Tickets are now available from David Roberts at £3 each.

Deborah Carvill

Not for Bob and Anne Given the chance to relax on a sunny, sandy beach and do nothing for a month. Instead they headed off to the sub-zero delights of Yellowstone Park lugging huge packs of cameras, tripods and other assorted apparatus to track the wildlife in the winter wilds of Montana.

With temperatures scraping minus 20 degrees and no access for wheeled vehicles even getting to the wonders of the wilderness was an adventure – half track snowmobiles were the only means of transport across the vast white covered plains and jagged peaks of the National Park. However the hardships were well worth while judging by the quality of the photographs Bob displayed at the Bangor and North Down Camera Club’s Friday night meeting.

Close up portraits of massive North American bison displayed the potential destruction in their powerful frames – allied to their mean eyes and black tongues. One wondered how any creature would be brave enough to tackle such a beast but as Bob demonstrated even the huge bison were prey to roaming packs of wolves – ravenous in the wintery grip of the landscape. Overhead the birds waited and watched for any movement in the snow – from majestic golden eagles to the tiny chickadees - they all joined the common battle for survival in the frozen scene.

By contrast the natural hot water springs bubbled up through deep fissures in the earth’s crust spewing boiling water in sauna –like pools and hurling powerful jets of steam and chemical-laden water high into the air. Pictures of Old Faithful, the most famous geyser in the world hinted at the unseen heat and energy lurking beneath the earth’s skin at one of the thinnest parts of the crust. Spectacular though these jets are they disguise a dark secret in that the water is saturated with deadly poisons like arsenic, sulphur and cyanide and the deposits around the pools offer a graphic catalogue of the various minerals – yellow for sulphur,green for cyanide and yellow/green for arsenic.

The creatures who are forced to drink the water inevitably build up a cache of the poisonous materials over the years. The area is a photographer’s delight even allowing for the severe restrictions imposed on visitors; boardwalks provide the only access to the sites and straying from the designated path can be punished by a huge fine or even imprisonment. Even more of a deterrent is the possible wrath of some of the inhabitants – gigantic moose, elk or bears.

All the wildlife is strictly guarded and protected.

From Yellowstone Bob and Anne moved on to the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and, freed from the restrictions of the boardwalks they were able to roam more freely and follow the movements of flocks of Trumpeter swans and multitudes of moose and bison. The mountains and plains of Grand Teton are home to the National Elk Reserve of USA and Bob’s shots of these imposing creatures on the move could only be described as stunning. An estimated ten thousand elk followed the female herd leaders across a flat plain to be followed by many more thousands of bison, processing, as Bob remarked drily “their traditional route.”

Leaving the wild beauty of the National Parks Bob and Anne did a little migration themselves – to sunny California for some R and R ( rest and rumination after the trip of a lifetime.)

John Bennett

'Girls night in' has become one of Bangor and North Down Camera Club's more memorable evenings where the lady members of the club provide a evening of photographic and audio visual talents mixed with fun, entertainment and a little party thrown in.

2014 was a busy and challenging year for many of the ladies with the presentation having to be postponed in October until now. As usual the night was a great success with longstanding and new members enjoying the informal atmosphere to mix, network and chat.

Christine Pearson, our IT expert, took her place at the computer while Shirley Graham was the hostess for the night (Better known as Airport Shirley) and gave a wonderful demonstration of the emergency evacuation that any flight attendant would be jealous of.

Shirley herself had a fantastic AV arranged but was unable to display it on the night due to difficulties transferring it. Shirley caledl upon our expert Jack Thompson to help her sort it out for a later date and explained how she had taken inspiration from Jack to add some narration to a wonderful AV of her garden landscaping adventures. Look out Alan Titchmarsh! But all was not lost as Shirley had brought some photographs to display along the walls and asked members to check out her Terry Bradley original which she captured.

Christine Pearson who loves to travel, enjoys music and joined the club to develop her photography as a hobby, eased into her presentation with a joke about how she had bought 50 shades of grey thinking it was about light balance. Christine had indeed studied at SERC and achieved a City and Guilds in photography and highly recommended BNDCC as the place she has learnt most from.

Mandy Milliken (a member of BNDCC for over 20 years) had returned to Blackpool where she used to have family holidays remembering the hustle and bustle of the arcades and promenade 30 years ago and was disappointed with the recession of the place which once held the memory of being the first place she had bought a camera - a Chinon.

'Blackpool Revisited' showed the empty pier and beaches where Seagulls now venture alone. The rusted Tower and the architecture of the cafes and amusements arcades now withered by time contrasted to a photograph of her sister and mum enjoying the sun from the pier and the beach behind them and all to a beautifully chosen song by Barbara Streisand's - 'Memories'

Deborah Carvill passed on a message of apology from her Mum (and camera club member) May Carvill who couldn't join the ladies on the night but was not to be forgotten as Deborah presented an AV which had included many of the club and summer outings from 2013/2014 in which May had been able to attend. Deborah's AV - 'My Picture Blog' summed up a year of achievement and adventures with Club Members, Family and Friends. Special anniversaries and musical concerts to images of flowers, landscapes and the odd film stars who visit Northern Ireland for it spectacular locations and wonderful scenery to shoot their latest movie.

Deborah Gardiner, once known in the club as Angus' Mum had this year come into her own when she showed three amazing AV's. The first being of a walk-through The Walled Garden in Bangor showing the fountain and flowers, arches and some of the art work being displayed by Project 24. The 2nd, Tractor Porn, was about tractors of every make and model. Vintage and modern of all colours shapes and sizes in various compositions and close ups, all set to a Bluegrass banjo twang.

The last AV was from the Connswater Greenway Bridge were some famous faces like Dan Gordon and Peter Robinson gathered with some local and French camera crews to create a world record of crossings within the opening day. Streams of people and cyclists from the general public and local celebrities joining in to complete this achievement would be given a T-shirt with the logo and Deborah aptly gave as the tittle to the AV 'Get Over It'

Helen Fettus joined the club three and a half years ago and she too attended SERC where she learned about Ansel Adams and all the other great photographers after hoping to learn something new and better her photography. Helens AV had shown landscapes from the different areas of Bangor and Donaghadee showing many outings with her family with her brothers, husband, daughter and grandchildren among the bluebells, rivers and lovely scenery or the children playing on the swings all having fun enjoying each other's company. With Glen Campbell singing 'Take Me Home Counrty Roads' having a few members in a quiet singalong.

Helen's 2nd AV was an old favourite with members 'Going Home to Belfast' with the soundtrack from Roly Daniels song showing the family memories which ring so familiar with many of the sights and sounds on leaving their native home but returning to a more modern regenerated Belfast.

Liz Doherty, one of our new members to the club, had a lot of work and family commitments over the past year and has travelled abroad to many interest places. After her family bought her a new camera she wished to improve her photography and joined the club. After attending some of the Wednesday nights found it to be more advanced and too far ahead of her and she expressed a wish to learn more about the basics or a one on one approach with her to develop her love of photographing flowers.

Lesley Crawshaw is also one of the new members, has retired, so this year she has joined BNDCC and various groups in all areas of Northern Ireland to try and discover the wildlife and nature after moving here from England. Getting to know as many places of Northern Ireland capturing images on her DSLR, bridge camera and iPhone. She loves to visit Ballymacormick Point and wants to work harder to learn to use the DSLR cameras with the help and some good advice from the club. Lesley who never saw the sea from where she once lived now loves to visit at every opportunity and captured some lovely landscapes and natural history images including butterflies, bees and fungi.

A few of the old AV's from the previous years Ladies Day outing were reshown for some of the newer members of the club. Crawfordsburn and Mount Stewart were the ladies got together to take some photographs, enjoying the time together for a special AV which Christine and Davy Cooper had worked their magic to bring each AV's to life all to the amusement of the members. The scariest of the night had to go to Christine for her Halloween AV were some with scary faces were caught and some priceless poses all captured and rapidly revealed to great effect.

All present were then invited to join ins for a bite to eat, prepared by the ladies and grab a cup of tea so they can mingle and enjoy the rest of the night. Thank you to all the Ladies for all their hard work to shine through a year of challenges and we hope many watching take comfort in the spirit of 'Our Wee Club' and their wishes for a better years ahead together.

Ray Magill closed the night with words of appreciation to all the Ladies and congratulated them on an other successful and enjoyable night. Ray also announced some welcome news to the club.

A few members had recent success at the NIPA Interclub structures round when three members achieved Starred Images. Congratulations to Hugh Rooney, Glen Johnston and Neal Stephens who were among placed members. Glen came 2nd in the colour print section with his image 'Connecting Circles' taken with the fisheye lens and presented in an unusual circular mount.

Friday is the adjudication of the Panels Comp were each member has submitted a group of 6 images of a common theme and it will be judged on how they blend and compliment each other. Good luck to all the participants who entered the competition. The submission date for the last NIPA club round 5 - landscape / seascape, is due on the Friday 13th Feruaryb 2015 when Bob Given will present a excellent evening of images from 'Yellowstone' and it will be adjudicated at the club on the Friday 20th February 2015.

Only a few tickets are still available for the Robert Thompson presentation in the Newtownards Townhall on Friday 6 March 2015. Any members wishing to attend please speak to somebody on the committee at the Wednesday or Friday club nights.

Bangor and North Down Camera Club wishes to send Congratulations to Michael Rice on Achieving 2nd Place in the NIPA Novice competition which was held at the Bangor Clubhouse on Monday 19th Jan. It was a close run competition of 120 images with Michael scoring the same 14 out of 15 points as the eventual winner.

The NIPA club 4th Round Open was held on Friday and joining BNDCC was Trevor Gibb a long standing member of Merville Newtownabbey Camera Club and guest judge for the evening. It is the second time Trevor has judged one of BNDCCs club competitions (the first being a triangles round back in Friday 14th December 2012)

Trevor was impressed with the standards of quality among the foundation members commenting on a number of images with their backgrounds clear of any distractions but was also taken by a very unusual approach by the advanced members to which gave great variety to the images Trevor had to select as his winning photographs.

Trevor was looking for unusual camera angles and focal points with great exposures, atmosphere, nice lighting and sharpness. Active Wildlife that weren't just sitting still and scenes that told a story in the way a book would. Landscapes needed the 3D effect. A foreground, middle and a background to give the feeling of depth and distance with detail from front to back as important.

The use of contrasting light sources from a warming fire and the cold electronic world many of us live in was very effective in its message to the viewer. While the use of modern software to give some images a more graphic artistic feeling to some vintage aircraft was met with a mixed appreciation.

Trevor complimented the club on the fantastic dramatic skies but one image Trevor would have been 'extremely happy with if he had taken himself' was an image by Alan Mc Morris of the Titanic building. Ticking all the boxes it was the best he had seen. Strong blacks, whites and tones with simple shapes and detail at Eddies Boat, Temple of the winds, with an old pair of boots, an atmospheric forrest and 'shades of Ansel Adams' put these authors into the winning selections.

The Results are as follows:-

Foundation Colour Prints

1st - Harry Graham - Sweet Music
2nd - Mark Bell - Golden Mill
3rd - Mark Bell - Catching Up

Foundation Mono Prints

1st - Harry Graham - Down the Alley
2nd - Harry Graham - City Walls
3rd - Mark Bell - Take a drink

Foundation Projected Digital Images

1st - Peter Mahaffey - Feline Scrutiny
2nd - Neal Stephens - Seals
3rd - Bill Henning - Take Away
HC - Peter Mahaffey - Momentary Reflection

Advanced Colour Print

1st - Alan McMorris - Titanic
2nd - Darren Brown - Harvest
3rd - Nigel Snell - On the Attack
HC - Michael Rice - Xmas Night

Advanced Mono Print

1st - Nigel Snell - Teton Barn
2nd - Nigel Snell- Mysterious Wood
3rd - Alan Hartley - Old Boots
C - Hugh Rooney - Temple of the Winds
C - Alan McMorris - Eddie's Boat

Advanced Projected Digital Images

1st - Darren Brown - Big Red Box
2nd - Edward McCavana - Age of Steam
3rd - Darren Brown - Storm
HC - Alistair Bell - Urban Camoflage

30th January is 'Girls Night In' and it is also the deadline for the panels competitions. Members are reminded that the last NIPA competition of the year has to be submitted by the 13th February. The theme isLandscape / Seascape and will be adjudicated on the 20th February.

Tickets are also now available for the Robert Thompson natural history presentation in Newtownards Townhall on 6 March 2015 at 7:30pm. Bangor, Donaghadee and Newtownards will be meeting up at this event so the clubhouse will be closed on that date. Tickets are £3.00 and a light supper will be served.

Thank you Trevor Gibb for returning to BNDCC as guest judge and to everyone who submitted images for the open competition. To the competition team Alan Hartley and Bobby Peacock Thanks again for all your time and hard work in making the competition run so smoothly and successful.


2014 saw the start of memorials and remembrance for a war once known as the war to end all wars. A time of respect for those who gave great sacrifice a centenary ago during the First World War. For the Bangor and North Down Camera Club a medical documentary viewpoint offered a great opportunity to see and hear first hand the inspirations and experiences of the Royal Army Medical Corps from Captain David Cairns. Taking members on a visual journey of the history of the medical corps through the WW1 to the modern day unit which David served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From 1660 - 1898 the medical corp was a standing army of Surgeons, Doctors who had no military rank but after 1898 the RAMC was formed and uniforms, ranks and training gave them full military status. David explained the Flag colours and emblem that represents the corp he is so proud to be a part of. Even though a sword is part of their regalia the medical corps 'Never draws their sword unless it is to protect themselves or their patient' a display of this gallantry was evermore evident in the stories of bravery which followed.

From the stretcher bearers up to their knees in mud and casualties, in no mans land, only feet from enemy line and under fire these medics were to be highly decorated for their bravery. Treatment at the regimental aid post in the trenches and transported by the motor ambulance ( mostly a horse drawn carriage) to a field hospital (usually a tent) less than 20 miles from the front. Where a casualty clearing station of nurses, doctors and surgeons were set up for operations. If the injuries healed the soldiers were sent back to the trenches but if they were more severe they were sent by hospital train to a base hospital (tents, warehouses, theatres or even stately home) in France or the south of England to recover.

700,000 British death were recorded during WW1 +700,000 injured or sicknesses and it was the role of the medics to risk their lives treating and retrieving the injured. 628 Victoria Crosses were awarded in WW1. (total VCs to be awarded to date - 1356 with 1/4 of them posthumous) 29 VCs and two bars were awarded to British Medical Corp giving a total of 31.

Arthur Martin-Leake a Doctor in the Medical Corps gained his two VCs first in the Boar war and the 2nd in 1914 in Belgium recovering the injured 20 yards and under fire from ememy line. In 1916 Noel Godfrey Chavasse was the only man to be awarded the Victoria Cross twice during the First World War he was hit by shell splinters while rescuing the injured he returned to collect 3 men as close as 25 yards from the German line and continued throughout the night under a constant rain of sniper bullets and bombing.

He performed the same heroics at Passchendaele to gain a 2nd VC. Although he was operated on he died of his wounds and is buried at Brandhoek with the two VCs engraved on the headstone. Brig John Sinton VC OBE FRS DL (born in Canada) a Queens University graduate and from the Indian Medical Service, served in 1916 in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) was shot three times and still attended the injured was awarded his VC. He retired to Cookstown where he became Deputy Lieutenant and High Sheriff of Tyrone. He wrote in his diary "Got shot today! Had a pipe! Felt much better". A man so memorable our own John Bennett remembered him on a visit to his school.

Turning to the modern day Army Medics Michelle Norris was the first female to be awarded the Military Cross for her bravery in 2006 in Al Amarah climbed up the side of a tank to rescue the vehicle commander who had been shot in the mouth, all while being heavily fired upon. Katie Watson from Ballymena was the fourth woman awarded the Military Cross in Helmand when an Afghan soldier was shot she ran 70 metres under fire and had to use her powers of persuasion to treat the man after he refused treatment from a woman.

David served in Iraq in 2003 after the war was over in a more peacekeeping role to help rebuild communities but stressed how wearing the Red Cross didn't protect them it would make him more of a target. A Tent Field Hospital fully equipped with all the equipment you would find in a hospital in an old RAF airfield. Chinook helicopters with medics on board flew in under a cloud of dust with the casualties. 100 beds with 25 beds to a ward and an intensive care unit. In the living quarters a mosquito net was as important as your sleeping bag and checking the boots for camel spiders and scorpions became a morning routine.

In Afghanistan in 2008 the facilities were a lot better. A stunning country with Helmand River and agricultural land surrounding the compound but corruption in the Afghan army and police was widespread. Women, children and even animal were used as a threat. Suicide donkeys packed with explosives and children used as shields or scouts.

Photos of the celebrity guests (Ant and Dec and Ross Kemp), poppy field, army patrols, tanks, Apache helicopters, tornado sand storms or a giant wall of dust covering the camp. Dawn mist as the patrols walked along the river and a aerial view of the camp gave scale to the operation. The world's busiest trauma hospital with the best doctors and equipment. If you made to the hospital you would have a 96% chance of making it home but with horrific injuries. David now bring their stories to clubs and meetings in support the Army Benevolent Fund. The soldiers Charity UK R2E field hospital.

Club chairman thanked David for a wonderful informative evening. From his holiday snaps and video of 'Broken Ducks' in which it was more than the main stars that was in distress. To the more official photographs especially the WW1 photographs and stories about his colleagues upfront in their duties and key to the success of the services they provide.

All funds for Friday's meeting was kindly donated to The Army Benevolent Fund. BNDCC members and anyone wishing to show their support Please visit the website at

Fri 23rd January will be the last of the open themes and the 4th Round of the NIPA club competition. Good Luck to all the members who submitted their images!

Deborah Carvill


Bangor and North Down Camera Club chairman Ray Magill welcomed members back to the clubhouse and began proceedings by offered Congratulations to Darren Brown for his recent success in the William Mc Crum Memorial Cup where he gained a highly commended result. Ray had a few more announcements to make about the display and adjudication at Ashfield girls school in Belfast on 25 January and the judging workshop where a pilot session is being introduced by Darren Brown on Saturdays. More details will follow in the week to come.

Mark Allen introduced all the AV's or slideshows for the evening. A total of 23 +10 backup presentations were submitted for the first meeting of the 2015. A range of editing software was used by members and submitted for viewing as exe, QuickTime and MP4 files or on a DVDs so some shows had different viewing issues and Mark offered an explanation as to sizing or playback problems.

BNDCC would like to show their appreciation to all those members who submitted AV's or slideshows on the night and offer Thanks for the humour, information and entertainment from these new or reworked presentations which together displayed the wealth of talents within the club that has gone into making up such an enjoyable evening. Members are encouraged to submit AV's to the AV Festival and Championship at the Courtyard Theatre Ballyearl on 13th and 14th February 2015. The Closing date for entries: Saturday 8th February 2015. See the NIPA website at for details.

Thanks goes to -
Trevor Robinson for 'VW Day at Bishopscourt Dragstrip'.
Ray Magill for 'A Walk Through Montmartre District'.
Bill Henning for 'Did they leave in a hurry?' and 'Space Oddity'.
Jack Thompson for his 'Bad Dream' and 'Crawford's Burn'.
Nigel Snell for 'Birds and Snapart' also for 'Non Bird Images'.
Helen Fettus for 'Flowers, Bees, Butterflies and Trees' also for 'I'm Going Home To Belfast'. Alan Hartley for 'Guernsey - Herm and Sark'.
David Roberts for 'Saint Moritz and Chiavenna' also for 'Smoke Trails'.
Noel Maitland for 'Signs of New Zealand'.
Mark Allen for 'Iceland' and also 'Scotland'.
Peter Gibson for 'Tenerife 2012' and also 'Northern Holland'.
Alan Field for 'Wagtail at Ballyholme Primary School' and also 'Have You Ever'.

Friday 16th Jan, David Cairns presents a photo documentary of 'A Soldiers Visual Diary' and it is also the closing date for the NIPA club competition Round 4 - Open. Please bring your prints and digital images to the club on Friday and submit them to Alan or Bobby.

Deborah Carvill

'Twas the night after new year and starting off 2015 BNDCC celebrated their annual Christmas dinner in The Esplanade Bar and Bistro. Members had a short time to chat and welcome each other into the new year before taking their seats to once again enjoy another wonderful meal from the Ballyholme seafront restaurant.

The chat and laughter continued throughout the evening and crescendoed when Entertainment Manager and Quizmaster Christine Pearson and her glamorous assistant Shirley Graham took centre stage to bring a wave of fun around the room with help from some props being supplied by the 'quiet table' from which the ladies had just dined at. A double act that is unique and treasured among members of BNDCC. Thanks Ladies!

In a change to the normal ballet where one lucky ticket holder or members at one lucky table usually means walking away with most the prizes instead this year a Christmas quiz was organised to offer a prize to the first person to give a correct answer and once again nearly turned into a one horse race. All to quickly it was time to go so to finish off a parting message from Ray, wishing "Happy New Year to all, and to all a good-night"

The Committee and Club members would like to thank all the staff of The Esplanade and to Gerry, Ray, Christine, Shirley, Peter and all those who made arrangements and took an active part on the night, for all their hard work and fun in making sure everyone had a great night.

The next meeting (Fri 9th January) will be back at the clubhouse for an Audio/ Visual night, where members are encouraged to bring any AV presentations they have to display on the night. Past results and feedback has been encouraging and showcased the talent and skills many members have within the club in preparation for the Annual AV festival at Ballyearl. Members can check out the rules, entry forms and directions on the NIPA website at

Happy New Year Everyone!


Quiz night with Alastair and Mildred Bell is one of BNDCCs more relaxed evenings in the club's calendar. Even the threat of the resent seasonal coughs and colds might have made it more of a dual than in past years when the night began with a small number of members. But as usual the clubhouse attendance sufficiently grew in numbers just before the 8pm start. 4 teams of 5 members over 9 rounds testing skills and knowledge in a fun social night.

This year a challenging photography round was added to the list of subjects and a sheet of dingbat puzzles was handed out as a visual round. Spot Prizes to the first correct answer gain Gerry Coe and John Miskelly a handy bag of gold coins (of the chocolate variety of course)

The night came to a close as the winners were announced and congratulated. 1st was Losers with 49 points, 2nd was The Foundered with 45 1/2 points, 3rd was Clueless with 44 points and 5 Amigos ending up on 40 points. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who joined in. Thanks to Alastair and Mildred for a Wonderful night as usual and we look forward to next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! and we will see you all in 2015 at the Christmas dinner in the Esplanade Bangor on Friday 2nd January 2015 or back at the clubhouse on Friday 9th January 2015 for Members Digital AV Presentations.

Deborah Carvill


Des Clinton (FIPF, FRPS, MFIAP) of Drogheda Photographic Club made his fourth return journey as guest speaker to present his latest display of images in 'An Evening With Des' for members of the Bangor and North Down Camera Club.

During Des's 30 years in photography using film, working in the darkroom became his classroom for learning about composition and knowing how to compose the perfect shot. With the new Digital Age, 10 years ago, his confidence in mastering levels and layers has built up in the last two years but Des is constantly learning this new media. Finding he wanted to challenge himself more this led to awards within the different photographic distinctions boards and Des was awarded the prestigious Fenton Medal and Honorary Life Membership from the Royal Photographic Society in 2011

Des presented four themes. The first was from Horsefair in Appleby in Cumbria. Mixing with the men and women, old and young in the travelling community. He was able to convey the fun and importance in which this annual event holds for the social aspects of a tough and traditional lifestyle and how it can be rich with such colourful characters.

The second theme of landscapes of the beautiful Mournes Mountains, beaches with wonderful use of light guiding the boats in the distance. The Burren were plants held onto life in between the limestone rocks. Dundalk Bay, Louth and Drogheda with birds in flight. The beautiful Leenane were the salmon can be seen leaping the waterfall or a man cutting turf with his faithful dog waiting patiently on his master. Catching early morning mist and fog to give atmosphere and mystique to natural beauty surrounding him.

A meeting with Ian Paisley in 1990 gave Des his third theme with orange parades in Rossknowlagh Donegal. As two women stood in the doorway while the men, with ice creams in hand, sat along the wall enjoying their day out. Stands with souvenir, the parade marching and men strolling along the strand beach all documenting history through the viewfinder of his camera.

The fourth and last theme being macro photography. Spiders in their vast number and webs this year were a great subjects matter. All kinds of fungi in all colours, shapes and sizes. Butterflies, mayflies, dragonflies, snails, bluebells all in crisp clear detail against a complimentary blurred background. Des also showed Deer from Glencoe in Scotland with the colours of the heather and the mist, Stags rutting in Phoenix Park Dublin all creating amazing images.

After a break Des presented his MFIAP panel of 20 images. Traveling to Moldova and Romania on three seperate trips to Eastern Europe he visited the Roma gypsies. The first time he had 15 minutes and snapped all around him but on the next visit they were less weary of him and he was given more freedom to photograph whatever he wanted. (Especially when he gave them food and 20 Euros which would feed everybody for a month)

These self-sufficient people owned their own crops. Providing for each other with eggs and wood stacked high for the winter. The women would rise at 5am and head off to the fields to spend the day there working the crops. Pots and pans would hang on the wall inside and outside and their clothes made from heavy wool to keep them warm. Each village and clans had its own style to tell them apart at church on feast days.

Cow peering out of the door of the older generations wooden housing. While the younger generation had the more modern warmer stone houses. 60 year olds working the fields and beautiful landscapes in the distance. Children's curiosity for all to see within the camera lens but not too many smiles. The rough and ready men who had a hard life their eyes and faces telling the story. (Some of the images can be seen on these websites: )

Closing the night Club President Ray Magill paid Thanks to Des Clinton for travelling all the way to visit us at BNDCC and presenting us with such images in a fun and simple way. Using natural light and complimentary backgrounds. It is a night we will treasure!

The meeting on Friday 5th is a Mini Photo Presentations by 4 Club Members - Alan Field, David Roberts, Trevor Craig and Alan Hartley. It is also the Closing date for entries to the CLUB & NIPA Round 3 "Structure" so Good Luck to everyone submitting images to the competition.

Deborah Carvill

Structure! The Oxford Dictionary definition of Structure is described as 1 - the manner in which a building or other complete whole is constructed; supporting framework or whole of essential parts of something; make ,construction. 2 - Thing constructed; complex whole; building. (Verb Transitive) Arrange, organise, give a structure to. This was the guidelines given to NIPA judges for round 3 of this years competition themed rounds. For Bangor and North Down Camera Club guest judge Paul Hanley expressed how his winning images would be made on its own merits and would be deemed appropriate for the context of structure.

Many members chose architecture from various destinations throughout the world. In places like Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Leaning Tower of Pisa, the spiral staircases, ancient buildings and the pillars in Rome, Gaudi's Casa Mila in Barcelona, the Louvre Pyramid and Eiffel Tower in Paris. More Local landmarks like the Titanic Building, City Hall, Harland and Wolff cranes, the Palm House in Botanic and the Rise in Belfast. Windmills, bridges, chimneys, a thatched cottage and railway tunnels all creating a great variety of images. A few members took a more unusual natural history approach with the snails shell, fungi and blocks of honeycomb. One member took a more simplistic root and use a textured hat on a textured background in two complimenting colours resulting in a mummer from the audience.

Wanting the use of breathing space to be maximised around buildings or taking distracting backgrounds from more complex structures Paul's advice was to be more selective in the authors message within the image. If people had been used to give scale in the image, Paul remarked on how cropping and keeping half of them in an image was unnatural looking and either waiting until the full body is viewable or until they have walked out of shot was a better accepted as a finished image. Lead in lines and symmetry or how the subject was lite was also a winning factor to Paul's choice of winning images.


The results for Round 3 (Structure) is as follows -

Foundation Colour Print

1st - Harry Graham - Ascending
2nd - Brian McMullan - Pillars of Society
3rd - Bill Henning - Bridge in Ireland

Foundation Mono Print

1st - Bobby Peacock - Tension
2nd - Bobby Peacock - Leading Lines
3rd - Harry Graham - Up on the roof
HC - Mark Bell - The Spire

Foundation Projected Digital Image

1st - Neal Stephens - Tunnel
2nd - John Thompson - The Overpass
3rd - Harry Graham - Crossing Over

Advanced Colour Print

1st - Glen Johnston - Connecting Circles
2nd - Darren Brown - Infinity
3rd - Alan McMorris - Titanic

Advanced Mono Print

1st - Darren Brown - Church Interior
Jt 2nd - Hugh Rooney - Societe Generale
Jt 2nd - Hugh Rooney - Eiffel Tower
HC - Hugh Rooney - La Defense
HC - Alan McMorris - Old structure

Advanced Projected Digital Image

1st - Mark Allen - Vancouver
2nd - Darren Brown - The Bridge
3rd - Alan Field - Hand Made Conical hat
HC - Darren Brown - Yellow Crane

Paul from Catchlight camera club (a former member of BPIC) was impressed by an image of a familiar structure he has passed many a time - the Rise. Connecting Circles taken by Glen Johnson. The complexity, symmetrical angles, lighting, colours of the sky at the perfect time of day the image was taken and the circular mounting in which the image was presented ticked all the boxes and had absolutely everything right in Paul's opinion.

The club would like to thank Paul for an excellent night of judging in a theme he is has a expert eye and his experience, hints and tips made for a perfect night. Paul has his own photographic website and you can visit it at

Thanks also to Alan Hartley and Bobby Peacock for all their hard work in the smooth running of all the competitions throughout the year of which the club and members greatly appreciate. Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who submitted images for the competition for which gave a wonderful variety to be adjudicated.

A few emails have been sent out to members about Christmas dinner and the Robert Thompson presentation at Ards town hall in March 2015. If members could respond ASAP to help Gerry and Christine finalise numbers for both events. Also members are reminded to collect past competition prints from the clubhouse. Anyone wishing to enter the NIPA novice Competition can check of the rules on!novice-competition-rules/c18ah. Please see Mark Allen Darren Brown or Alan Mc Morris for more details or guidance.

Deborah Carvill




Special arrangements were made by Vice Chairman, Mark Allen for Wed (3rd Dec) evening workshop at the Bangor and North Down Camera Club. Members were delighted to welcome Kathryn Callaghan a local artist from Lisbane who's unique technique of painting is gaining her some well deserved recognition. Recently Kathryn travelled to the award ceremony in Cincinnati, USA to receive 'Illustrator Of The Year' award for 2014.

Kathryn Callaghan, a graduate of University of Ulster, always wanted to follow her more creative talents of become a professional artist. So she attended a course in fine art at Belfast Metropolitan College. Kathryn used a more technical style but wished to develop a more abstract quality in which to convey life and energy. It wasn't just the look but capturing the essence within the character of the subject she was painting. Colours, characteristics, attitude, speed, beauty and the eyes as important to the subject and all needing a unique fresh approach.

Kathryn spent time to research and learned many different techniques. While experimenting, the idea for this new technique developed, by pouring paint and ink mid-air so that it falls onto the mounting board on the floor below in a free and fluid movement across the surface. Mixing colours and textures and consistencies Kathryn began to control the flow which created light and shade, softness and harshness wherever it needed to be. Tilting the board or using a straw to guide the paint in the right direction. Perfecting the all important decisions of when to proceed and when to stop. There was no room for Error!

Gradually developing from monochrome prints to colour and the ability to always experiment has progressed Kathryn from the familiar wildlife - Stags, Pheasants Hares, Robins, Starlings and wading birds that Kathryn has grown up with to more familiar landmarks like the Crown Bar in Belfast or a bottle of beer or red wine to test her more symmetrical freehand skills.

Kathryn started trading in April 2013 but during this slow economic climate sales have been proven healthy and promising for her. With more galleries displaying her work - The Yard in Holywood, Canvas Galleries Stranmillis, Moira Art Gallery and The Old Post Office Lisbane. Also the recently opened Druids Glen Hotel in County Wicklow now displaying Kathryn's specially commissioned limited edition prints. With galleries in Scotland and America also showing a strong interest.


Thank you to Kathryn for spending the time and also for her hard work to present this unusual and wonderfully refreshing technique to members. The night will present a challenge to members to look at their own photography through this 'Birdseye view' of a unique and out of the box skillset. With many of the camera clubs members we share a common bond in a passion for capturing wildlife, stilllife, portraitures and landscapes in our own creative way. We hope we can inspire you as you have inspired us and we welcome you anytime for a return visit. BNDCC wish you every success in the future! (Maybe with future generations too!)

Anyone wishing to visit or speak to Kathryn can do so at these contract details -


BNDCC would like to thanks David Roberts, Alan Field, Trevor Craig and Alan Hartley for their hard work and time spent in the presenting of their images for the Mini Photo Presentations evening on Friday 5th Dec.

Members are also reminded that Friday 12th Dec is Competition Night - CLUB & NIPA Round 3 Structure and Friday 19th Dec - Quiz Night with Alastair & Mildred Bell is the last meeting of the year before we break for Christmas.

Deborah Carvill


On 25th May to 6th June 2014 Mark Allen and Darren Brown from Bangor and North Down Camera Club took a photographic adventure to Iceland with a friend Inge Hansson from Sweden. They set off from Belfast International to connect at Gatwick with the flight to Reykjavik. Checking in, Darren's luggage with Canon camera, lenses and tripod weighed in at 9 kg while Mark's luggage and the new Fiji X-T1 only 3kg, a big difference in travel photography with the new mirrorless camera system.

In order to get about it was essential to hire a car. They loaded up the Kia Cee'd Estate car with tripods, camera bags and all the photographic equipment need for their photographic journey and followed a preplanned route anticlockwise around the Island. Route 1 covered 831 miles but in the 12 days trip they drove 2000 miles. 90% of the roads were tarmac the other 10 % where hardpacked gravel tracks and sometimes a job to manoeuvre the vehicle on this terrain.

Stopping off at all the various natural beauty spots and more. Here is a list of the places visited by Mark and Darren - Hallgrimskirkja, Seltun Geothermal Area, Oxarafoss (Pingvellir National Park), Gullfoss, Hjallparfoss, Seljalandfoss, Vik, Dyrholaey (for the Puffins), Reynisfjara (Vik Sea Stacks), Skogafoss (where they had to climb 456 steps), Skoga (which has 23 waterfalls, three of which are over 100 feet tall), Svartifoss (The Black Falls which is part of the Skaftafell National Park), fjarlsarlon Glacier, Jokulsarlon Beach, Eystrahorn Mountain (2500 ft), Seydisfjordur, Hengifoss, Litlanesfoss, Godafoss, Myvatn, Viti Crater, Grundarfjordurfoss, Kirkjufell and to The Sun Voyager (A sculpture of a Viking ship in Solfar Reykjavík)

Cascading giant waterfalls with pure nature filtered water which refreshes the thirsty travellers. Beaches with icebergs in silky smooth water giving a mystical feeling to the images and glaziers creeping its way through the mountain ranges with beautiful reflections in the stillwaters below. Beautiful wild horses with blue eyes. Familiar wooden houses and an old church buildings give a feeling of community to the island where the harsh coldness of winter and the raging fires from volcanoes displayed the contrasting natural environment that Iceland has to offer.

Darren displayed an array of beautiful images and both began to take members on the Journey through the presentation. Mark finished off the night with a special AV of Iceland to the dramatic pulsating soundtrack and named the AV 'Boil in the bag' (so-called after meeting a Chinese man who'd never seen boiling the bag rice and was gifted the bag by the guys) serving as a reminded to them of the people and places they visited which make up the memories they gained on their journey. It's amazing how wonderful a ham and cheese sandwich or a cuppa soup, even a hot dog made with a Tortilla wrap tastes like when you have walked so far on long days of photography especially when it did rain or when temperatures hit highs of 17 and lows of 4 degrees in one day and especially on days were tourists made the wait a little longer.

Many Thanks to Mark and Darren for coming to the fore after a cancelation in the club programme and presenting their Icelandic Adventure. For all their time and hard work putting together a showcase of all their advice and tips to visiting Iceland in all it's glory.

Mark and Darren are planning another return visit to Iceland for 11 nights in May or June 2015. If you are interested in capturing some unique and breathtaking landscape of Iceland please contact either of them at the club.

Next Friday 28th Nov Des Clinton is Guest Speaker for "An evening with Des."

Deborah Carvill

Watching David Attenborough's nature programs on TV is the nearest way members of the Bangor and North Down Camera Club have got to the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. But on Friday, 14th Nov, a visit from Alan Walker(ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP, EPSA) from Cumbria (Keswick camera club) encouraged members into making a possible trip to the islands in the future. Alan who is on a tour of a few camera clubs within Northern Ireland was a welcome guest at the clubhouse accompanied by his wife, also a fellow photographer Julie Walker (ARPS, CPAGB, EFIAP, EPSA) to showcase a presentation of their images on Galapagos and beyond... discovering nature photography.

Alan himself was more of a street or a landscape photographer but Julie introduced him to nature photography and all aspects of the subject. Together they have found a real pleasures and adventure from wildlife photography. Using Canon 1Ds and 5DMk3, with 300mm 2.8 with x2 converter, 70-300mm, 100-400mm, 200-400mm lenses they visited not only the islands but other countries and closer to home National parks to create this amazing body work between the two of them.

Starting with Galapagos Islands Alan talked about the geography and logistics of getting there with the rules and regulations that you have to follow. Sharing a few tips and advice on things that he discovered while being there. All put in place to protect the islands unique environment and its many different species, birds and animals that live there.

With very few birds of prey the bird population thrives on the islands. Hawks, Albatrosses, Gannets Mockingbirds, Flamingos, Herons, Turnstones, Egrets, Pelicans, Penguins, Oystercatchers and Warblers produced images of birds perched in its own environment or in majestic flight or in mid action while catching the next meal.

Also included in the presentation were Locusts, Zigzags Spiders, Racer Snakes on Lava Rock Lizards who's size and colour adapted to blend into the background habitat. Marine Iguanas, is a seagoing lizard (that can grow up to 2 feet) basking in the rays of the sun. Even 2 Land Iguanas having spent the 20 minutes fighting and kicking up the dust had suddenly stopped and walked off together to the surprise of the group. Lonesome George the Islands famous Giant Tortoise of approx. 100 years old (sadly died in 2012) made an appearance. Turtles, Sea lions playing in the surf, the beautiful colours of the Sally Lightfoot Crab and it amazing gymnastics between the rocks displayed the great variety of photographic opportunities available on the islands.

Next came 'The Beyond' where Alan and Judy's photography took us to places like Florida for the Alligators. Oryx, Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Elephants and Gazelles in Namibia, the Masai Mara in Kenya and Botswana. In the stampede of the Wildebeests crossing the river with the threat of the hippos and crocodiles amongst them. Alan tried a slow shutter speed and pan to create a different effect to catch the confusion and pandemonium of the scene. The contrast of images from the lioness with her cubs and the lion with its recent kill for the survival of the pride all captured with an understanding and compassion for the circle of life.

The Arctic circle with its Walruses, Seals, Polar Bears, Arctic Terns in their ballet poses and the colour of the iceberg making a wonderful winter landscape backdrop. Brown Bears in Kuhmo on the Russian border to Finland. With a Grizzly Bear in Alaska's Lake Clark National Park giving Alan a scare when the bear started charging toward him. The guide told Alan to stay calm, keep low and don't move. Seconds later the terrifying moment revealed that a Seagull had caught a fish and the bear was now running to steal the fish from the gull, to Alan's relief.

In the Grand Teton National Park Elks could be just about seen crossing a misty icy cold river. The North American Bison in a Wintry Yellowstone also the setting for Coyotes looked for food under the snow. Grey Wolves in Montana USA and a young Lynx, the North American Red Fox, Mink, Raccoon, Black Bear, a rare Snow Leopard and a Siberian Tiger in Montana all came to life on the

screen. Low angles from lying down in the dirt or snow making an impact for the viewer as the animals came running into the camera range but were kept at a safe distance.

Closer to home Alan and Julie would visit an organised photo shoot in Leicester to photograph raptors like Barn Owls, Great Grey Owls, Golden Eagles and Common Buzzards. In the Cairngorms they would photograph Merlin's and Peregrine. Visiting places like the Lake District animal park in Keswick itself, Edinburgh Zoo, the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey, Abbotsbury's Swan sanctuary in Dorset one of the U.K.'s largest gathering of swans, Farne Islands Northumberland for the Puffins. Kent's Bigcat Reserve where you can photograph Leopards Tigers and Pumas all in the UK. Or spending many hours in a 'Hide' in Worcestershire photographing Kingfishers as they dive for fish.

Alan made it very clear that many hours were spent trying to capture the perfect poses, to capture the spirit of the animals and what their role was within the environment they lived in. The pleasure but also the dangers were very apparent and following instructions from guides was important as they could maybe even be life saving. Even the laws that protects some of these species where the best advice is by photographers to visit organised parks or hides which will keep you on the right side of those laws is best practised.

To get a flavour of the kind of photography that was discussed in Fridays meeting you can visit Alan and Julie's website at

The club extend a huge thank you to Alan and Julie Walker for coming all the way from Keswick Cumbria to visit BNDCC and other clubs in the country to showcase such breathtaking photographs. We also Thank Bob Given for arranging their trip around the clubs and taking care for them throughout the visit. We wish Alan and Julie well on their next adventure to the Antarctica and maybe Costa Rica and hopefully to visit us again in the future for another wonderful Nature presentation.

Next week BNDCC members Mark Allen and Darren Brown will be presenting their showcase of images from a recent Icelandic trip. Also in a change to the club calendar on 27 March 2015 we are delighted to welcome Kate McIlreavy to the club. Kate will be joining us to make a presentation of images from one of the clubs dearest friend, the late Stanley McIlreavy as well as a display of Kate's own photography.

Deborah Carvill

Many members of a camera club take up photography as a hobby to fill their spare time but some members wish to take that extra step to gain recognition for the skills they have developed and tried to perfect over the years. One such step is an accreditation from the Royal Photographic Society where a Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship is presented to successful applicants.

Bangor and North Down Camera Club were delighted to welcome the RPS representative in Northern Ireland, Damian Mc Donald (ARPS) to the Ward Ave clubhouse on Fri 7th Nov. Damian spent the night talking extensively about each of the images which gained him his own Associateship. Giving his thought process through the taking of the images, the where, why, when and how to the post processing in his computer with editing software. Even giving advice on the photographic paper and printer he uses.

Damian is a member and past Chairman of the Christian Brothers camera club. His love of photography began at the age of nine or ten and years later he would start to develop his own film in a darkroom in the attic. His equipment has ranged from the Hasselblad 555 ELD through to the Canon 5D Mark two and now enjoys the freedom that the new Fuji X system camera provides. Never venturing to far without his lens, tripod, lightmeter, speedlight and remote trigger. Damian invested in a tilt shift lens 17 mm and to justify the price of the lens he decided to do something special and prepared to submit images for his Associateship.

With the encouragement of a dear friend the late Jim Moreland he was influenced into using the tilt shift lens to create images of architecture as the theme for his associateship panel and accepted the challenge from Jim.

Damian's panel consisted of 15 images 3 rows of 5. Top and bottom row were all colour images and were beautifully set off with black-and-white photos in the centre row. All from places that Damian had visited before and some which he wanted to revisit again with his new digital camera.

The wonderful architecture of The Raddison Hotel in Belfast, Terminal 2 in Dublin airport, Trinity College library, Saint Peters Cathedral Belfast, a Church in Sterling, Belfast Castle, Lloyds Bank and the Gherkin in London, The Salvation Army building in Chelmsford Essex, Saint Nicolas's Church, City Hall in Belfast, Armagh Cathedral, Wells Cathedral in Bristol, a graphic image of the Bullring in Birmingham and a rare photograph of the Titanic building before it opened.

All these images can be found on Damian's website Damian gave each image strength, texture, and a delicate touch each image deserved and displayed them in their rightful place within the panel. Each photograph complementing the other.

Ray Magill finished off the night by thanking Damien for his astonishing images, his insight and vision, his information and advice on 'How to capture an astounding panel for the RPS'.

On Friday 14th Nov, Alan Walker from Cumbria camera club will be joining BNDCC with his natural history photographic presentation on Galapagos and beyond.... Discovering Nature Photography A talk about our journey, including the joys and frustrations of Nature Photography.

Deborah Carvill


Many people have many different interests and hobbies in their life and for one founding member and past Chairperson of the Bangor and North Down Camera Club what better way to combine her love of animals with her passion for photographing them.

Introduced by Ray as one of the clubs stronger personalities to the development in those early years of the club. As a tribute to the late Audrey Argue the club runs an annual natural history competition in respect and remembrance to a fellow photographer who was so dedicated to both club and animals. Audrey also gaining the title of being the recipient of the first Belfast Zoo competition award.

Guest judge for the evening was Bill Leahey from Belfast Photo Imaging Club. Past secretary of NIPA and has a long history of adjudicating the BNDCC competitions. Bill praised the wide variety of images making it a more interesting competition to Judge.

Bill suggested to members to take a few steps back and view the images. If they can see anything that will make it stand out, changes will need to be made. The animals, insects or birds needed to stand out in contrast from the background and be clearly seen. Even changing the view to read left to right (The way the eye reads) can make such a difference. Making the subject the main focus but giving it enough space to reveal a lead into its environment.

The use of white or cream mounting rather than black was also suggested giving space around the image to give a sense of movement and help its overall presentation. The width of the mounting and also a backing to hold everything together would finish off the presentation of images for competitions.

In Bill's selection of winners he chose action shots or as he phrased it 'Elegant and kept Simple'. They are as follows:

Foundation Colour Print
1st - William Henning - Humming Bird in Flight
2nd - William Henning - Owl be Seeing You
3rd - Mark Bell - Red Breast
HC - Mark Bell - Knit Pickin'

Foundation Mono Print
1st - Mark Bell - On the look out
2nd - Mark Bell - Who are you looking at?
3rd - William Henning - Eagle Eyes

Foundation Projected Digital Image
1st - Neal Stephens - Red Kite
2nd - William Henning - Dragonfly
3rd - Mark Bell - Feeding Time

Advanced Colour Print
1st - Nigel Snell - Common Tern
2nd - Darren Brownv- Odi
3rd - Harry Watson - Sleeping partner
HC - Nigel Snell - Robin

Advanced Mono Print
1st - Nigel Snell - Black Tailed Godwit
2nd - Nigel Snell - Barn Owl
3rd - Darren Brown - Poppy

Advanced Projected Digital Image
1st - Nigel Snell - Turnstone
2nd - Michael Rice - Full Moon
3rd - Michael Rice - Bee
HC - Alan Field - Mouse eye view

The Overall Audrey Argue trophy winner is Nigel Snell with “Common Tern” (colour print). Congratulations to Nigel and all the authors whose images were placed in Bill's winning selection. Well done to all those who submitted images to the competition. A huge thanks to Bill Leahey for his very enjoyable and constructive feedback.

A reminder to members to keep checking out the BNDCC website for all changes to the club program. Next week is Damian McDonald with shift lens architecture and his ARPS panel.

Deborah Carvill



Carly Rodgers was a successful wedding photographer when she met, fell in love with and married Alan. After that her photography developed a new dimension – an added layer of understanding carved out by her own personal relationship.

This and other secrets Carly (now Mrs Campbell) shared with the members of Bangor and North Down Camera Club on Friday evening. Originally aspiring to be a writer she had pursued a Media Studies course in Bangor where she found herself drawn to the visual aspects of the studies – particularly composition.

Tracing her interest in photography back to a shot of a glorious Donaghadee (her home town) sunset she soon established a friendship with the lifeboat crew and honed her skills taking action shots of the life savers. Carly’s first studio was the dining room at her home; aged seventeen she improvised a backdrop with blankets and lighting from the shelves of B and Q. A brief hiatus followed as she went to Canada for six months but the interest was renewed on her return as her sister’s wedding provided an opportunity to refresh her skills. This was the catalyst she needed! Burning bridges behind her she rented a studio with a friend, enlisted the support of two other chums- one a hairdresser and the other a make-up artist – and proceeded to throw herself completely into the business of taking and producing images which would bear her personal touch. She developed a love of natural light for portraits and the variety she displayed at Ward Avenue on Friday night illustrated the rapport she has managed to establish with her models – without the encumbrances of studio lights.

Her original approach to photography soon began to attract orders from brides-to-be and mothers seeking pictures with an exclusive look. “Connections”, explained Carly,” is the basis of my work. Whether it’s between a mother and her child or a bride and groom. “If I can manage to have them interacting with each other to the extent that they forget about the camera then I can usually achieve a relaxed, natural and ultimately intimate moment to capture.”

Examples of Carly’s work can be seen on her website

John Bennett.

Ray Magill, chairman of Bangor and North Down Camera Club was delighted to welcome guest judge Terry McCreesh to the clubhouse in Ward Avenue on Friday night. Terry is the chairman of Catchlight Camera Club which gained the recognition of being the top camera club in Northern Ireland last year and looks to continue their success this year too. Catchlights membership has grown in its opening few years and is now capped at 65 members.

The NIPA clubs second competition of this season is an Open round and Terry praised the club for its variety in the projected digital images section as well as the printed photographs which were presented for his comments and adjudication.

- Giving recommendations to member to use focal points with their leading lines to improve the composition of an image that will draw the eye of the viewer into the image.

- Where the use of a person or maybe something coloured red as an invitation.

- The use of a vignette also taking away distracting edges and again holding the attention.

- Contrast in exposures, the use of colours, perfect timing and the positioning of an image all key to a successful Image and a place in his final decision.

In the monochrome section Terry looked for a range of tones, whites and blacks that packed a punch and has strength to it.

In the use of editing software Terry recommended that lighting was to be your guide. Changing an angle or letting a beam of sunlight fade into the darkness creating shadows where they should be or where they should not be. Striving to make it more realistic.

Unusual images by using a painting of a girl on the side of the gable wall with a magnifying glass looking at a real man and woman walking on the street below and were perfectly positioned under her fingers and thumb in the act of picking them up. Terry also complimented the quality of natural history, environmental portraiture and landscape photography within the club. From dragonflies, bees and a green bottle fly with a vast number of eye catching reflections in the water droplets covering the subject Terry remarked on how he kept coming back to the image to look at it some more. Environmental portraits in Australia and Vietnam to landscapes at the Dark Hedges, Tuscany and Iceland foremost in his selection of winners.

Terry gave one last comment to inspire members that was to break out of your comfort zone and continue to venture out and take photographs but also to reward your image with the best possible photograph you can produce give it the time and dedication to detail it deserves.

Ray concluded the meeting by Thanking Terry for his time and excellent advice on every image submitted. Congratulating the winners and Thanking all who entered the competition. Terry's placings are as follows.

Foundation Colour Print
1st - Eddie Wright - Lucia
2nd - Bobby Peacock - Slack water
3rd - Harry Graham - Wet Wet Wet
HC - Harry Graham - The Craftsman


Foundation Mono Print
1st - Harry Graham - Birkenau - Gate to Hell
2nd - Harry Graham - The Fortress
3rd - Bobby Peacock - Ringside Seat
HC - Harry Graham


Foundation Projected Digital Image
1st - Neal Stephens - Park
2nd - Neal Stephens - Spider
3rd - Harry Graham - Gutting
HC - John Thompson - Huong


Advanced Colour Print
1st - Edward McCavana - Mountains and Ice
2nd - John Bennett - Chair
3rd - Darren Brown - Eva
HC - Darren Brown - Icelandic Waterfall


Advanced Mono Print
1st - Anthony Crosbie - Street Life
2nd - Darren Brown - Kirkjufell
3rd - Hugh Rooney - I Cipressini
HC - Hugh Rooney - The Dark Hedges
C - Darren Brown - Team Work


Advanced Projected Digital Image
1st - Micheal Rice - Caught in the Rain
2nd - Alastair Bell - This looks a good Specimen
3rd - Jack Thompson - Bee at work
HC - Micheal Rice - Dragonfly
C - Micheal Rice - Full Moon


Members are reminded the Audrey Argue competition is scheduled for Friday 31st October, all entries are due on Friday 24th October when our guest speaker is Carly Campbell. Also for club competitions can members please give details on the printed images by adding their name, club number and title, clearly written on the back of the mounts in the top left hand corner. Thank You!

Deborah Carvill

Raymond Hughes from Merville Photographic Club joined members of the Bangor and North Down Camara Club to display a showcase of Audio Visual presentations by various authors. In a short introduction by Jack Thompson, members discovered Raymond is one of Northern Ireland's central figures on the development and production of AV's through his involvement in the Ballyearl AV festival over the years. A competition that has developed his skills and influence in the international scene too. A successful photographer in his own right he has gained many titles and awards. Being recognised in two sections of the recent Zoo competition.

Raymond proceeded to show over a dozen presentations from the various authors in an attempt to show the varying degrees of success within the media. With the success of digital images now introducing Slideshows into the mix. Producing a new form of show being described as 'Photo Harmony'

Taking holiday images as his first subject he described what is becoming increasingly popular as authors are presenting beautiful photography with a selection of music. Comparing the first slideshow of 'Reykjavik in Winter' and an AV of 'Impressions of Venice'. Raymond described an AV as having structure to it. A flow in some direction with the use of commentary or a visual link to all the images. Also presenting change of pace or a surprise for your audience. Even adding a zoom in or out and panning can make such a difference to the images in keeping their attention

'The Beach on the Wall' was a visual journey through a painting of memories of his youth on a beach in Donegal. Crashing waves and calming water all hinting at such adventures. Ending with a blend of two images creating a third image which guided you back to the painting again and back to the present. A perfect end.

In 'Chasing Arrows' the author presented some unusual images in the form of the pilots in preparation for the flights as well images of the formations and acrobatic during the airshow. All set to energetic and music associated with flying. 'Riding to the Wall' a tribute to the armed services memorial where 15000 bikers converged to pay their respects. On a journey together, displaying the bonds of support and silent prayers.

'Letters from Wilfred' and "A Letter from the Front" both depicting scenes from World War I where the soldiers writing letters to loved ones back home where to become a memory of the fallen heroes lost in the final days of battle. Telling of the harsh past and the hopeful yet unfulfilled future yet to come.

Comedy being a great theme for the audience. 'A collection of nice buoys here to there' played on the written word and the visual images. But in 'Nostalgia Ain't what it used to be" the turning back of time and a lesson on the worth of a shilling compared to today sidestepped to a dubious slight of hand past time with a quick witted 'Big Brother is Watching You' twist to roars of laughter.

Research was another important part of a presentation. Discovering a name carved on a headstone. 'Sinner? or Saint?' With a little research on the Internet told the story through the eye of Thomas Greg about his brother-in-law, friend and business partner - Waddell Cunningham. On a journey from Belfast a small Port to a growing New York in 1740. He became part of the trading industry. Prosperity acquired him ships and with raising taxes he became a smuggler and with wealth a plantation owner, to Thomas's dismay. After a fight he fled back to Belfast and a new life. Using his wealth for the disadvantage by building a poorhouse, a secondary school and indeed many landmark buildings and departments of today. Contributing to the growth of the city which has been entirely forgotten about.

Having a narrator with a silky smooth voice for telling stories is a huge advantage. And in 'The Enchanted Wood' the blend of a mythological world of fairies and the words of WB Yeats it sets visual illusion of seeing faces and people in the shadows and shapes of the trees. To the peaceful gentleness of the light streaming through the trees and making the leaves and colours glisten.

The last presentation caused a bit of a debate in the AV community in that its use of archive images. All the images were not taken by the authors but full permission was asked and granted. These iconic images were crucial to the telling of the story. But now the AV had became more a short film and caused another debate among the community.

"Migrant Mother" an iconic image taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936 depicted a destitute woman with 7 children at the age of 32. While documenting the Wall Street crash and breadlines that followed the financial downfall of the country. Dorothea stopped off at camps where farmers who had lost their farms in the worsening droughts and crop failures, now fled from the dustball and headed to California to become fruit or cotton pickers. It was one of these camps Dorothea came across the woman and her children. She took some photos and agreed not to publish the images but after returning to New York the images were published as the photograph highlighted the struggles of the depression and starvation that was going on and became an iconic image. (Even influencing John Steinbeck's - Grapes of Wrath)

The woman got to hear of the story being told and was furious for being depicted as destitute. Her name was Florence Owens a Cherokee Indian whose husband had just died. Her car had broken down near the camp and was only there while her car was being fixed and moved on a couple hours later. But relented as the images relayed such an important message. Florence looked after her children working in bars, in fields and later becoming a nurse but when her health declined she could no longer work. $25,000 was donated to her medical bills for her participation in the images. A wonderful story!

Raymond reminded everybody about the AV Festival in February 2015 only hoping that members from BNDCC would be inspired to submit a tonne of entries. Ray Magill Thanked Raymond for gathering together all the AV's and teaching us how this visual art stands on it own.

Next week is Round 2 - Open, of the club NIPA competition will be held so good luck to members who submitted images and in a change to the following weeks programme Carly Campbell will be our guest speaker on 24th October presenting 'A Photographic Journey'. It replaces 'Girls night in' being rescheduled for the new year.

Deborah Carvill

The Bangor and North Down Camera Club would like to thank Allen Thompson for stepping in and covering this week's Clubhouse meeting on such short notice. Allen, who is the childhood friend of club president Gerry Coe, gave a presentation on 'Aviation Photography and Photobooks'. As photographer at the County Down Museum at Downpatrick for 23 years, Allen illustrated the extensive collection of Fine Art, artefacts and coins held at the museum before he retired in 2010.

He recalled that his last presentation for a photography club was 15 years ago and unfolded a piece of paper he had held onto. It was one of BNDCC's club programmes from 1998/1999 season. Hugh Rooney and last week's speaker David Foster had given a talk on 27th November, 1998 on the Introduction to Digital Photography revealing his connections with Gerry and with the club.

He had with him a selection of 15 to 20 books, calendars and photobooks, ranging from his photographic inspiration - The Grandfather of modern day aviation photography - Charles E Brown to his own photos of places, people, flower and aircrafts. Including a handy sized book created to displayed all the imagery covering the countries, shops and roadways for the recent Giro De Italia. The size, quality and presentation all gaining welcomed remarks from the members.

While these were passed around the members to view, Allen displayed his own framed photographs and talked about the aircraft and the reason why and how he created the image. Many of which he had taken at airshows in Newcastle, Portstewart and from the mid 80's and occasional airshows in Ards, Eglinton, St Angelo, RAF Aldergrove and Bangor (D day celebration)

The camera used was a Minolta 7000 film camera with a Sigma 400mm prime lens and changing to digital SLR with an Olympus E500 with a preset Pentax Lens. From his film camera Allen would have manually developed and hand printed each photograph in the darkroom. Combining 2-3 negative separately onto one sheet of photographic paper creating a more exciting backdrop with bland skies now being replaced with dramatic clouds and having aircraft burst into life through them.

The photographs included a Spitfire that won Allen the 'Aviation Photographer of the Year' in 2006, Mustangs which accompanied the bombers during World War II, a Messerschmidt screaming down the runway at 400 miles per hour. Mosquitoes that featured in the film the 'Battle of Britain' and Boeing Stearman which the daring Wingwalkers favour to use. A single-engine biplane which could take off and land on the shortest of airstrips. Their stunts from the top wing easily witnessed from the crowds below.

Also the Swordfish Stringbags which torpedo damaged the Bismarck leading eventually to meet it's end. A Hurricane one of Allen's own favourites and a historical and memorable image of Concorde's taking off after a visit to Belfast International airport in the 80's. This image also recalled a few memories from some members. Of hearing the loud bang caused as it broke the sound barrier and the surprise for some passengers when the normal shuttle service was now a free flight on Concorde.

After a short break Allen explained one disadvantage of how the process he used in the darkroom didn't produce a hardcopy of the final image as he was using printing techniques on 2 negativess to produce 1 print so another print could be made but may not be the same. Unlike the digital means today via Photoshop layers were the same image can be reprinted many times. The night finished with a discussion about Vistaprint and all the different Photobooks companies and some of the many offers open to photographers to produce a hands on version of their images so it can be viewed and appreciated instead of being on memory space in a computer or on a phone where no one can see it. Encouraging everyone to have a go and pass on as presents.

Again thanks to Allen and Liz (who accompanied him on Friday night) for joining us at the club in an introduction to the world of Aviation photography.



Deborah Carvill

For many people photography is a hobby that keeps them active and brings out their more creative side but for David Foster, a past member of the Bangor and North Down Camera Club, it was a lifeline he cherished and wanted to pass on to others.

David was part of the BNDCC for 20 years or more before moving to Kearney (for 10 years) and reminisced on the memorable battles he once had with another member (Ralph) at every club competition and expressed how nice it was to see so many familiar faces again.

In the beginning David never took a camera with him on holidays as he couldn't understand why you would want to view the beautiful scenery always through a camera lens and the photos would end up in dusty old albums never to be seen by anyone. But for him that changed when social media now created a platform to share those images and David now travels everywhere with his camera and posts images to Facebook or Redbubble.

David's father and mother were influential as they also took photographs and were a great inspiration over his 35 years in photography. His father bought him his first camera (a Nikon). His only option was he had to go out taking photographs to learn how to use all the settings properly. While he remembered the fact that his mothers camera was off limits to him but learned so much from the images she took. Dedicating a trophy in her name to the club.

Even hearing about Pickie pool being taken down brick by brick to be shipped to America in an April fools joke in the Spectator sparked a passion for recording all those places that had given him such great childhood memories. David then passed around two framed prints one of Pickie and the other photograph of another great moment in which he was encouraged by his wife to take an image at Greyabbey were she told David 'You can see something that others can't see'. He did stay and he did get something different. 'He got the light'. A wonderful capture of light illuminating the stonework of the abbey and surrounding trees.

Paying tribute to another past member Stanley Mc Ilreavy who had given him so much encouragement and honest feedback in those early years at the club. Which gave him the motivation to get the best from his style of photography.

David did suffer a few health problems and eventually had to part with his camera and car but his passion for photography gradually began to surface and once again he had to buy a new camera. Using the only available light David would create textures, space, shadow and shape in the structure of his images often waiting 10 - 15 mins to organise the scene before capturing the story or journey he wanted to take you on.

Wanting to get away from the stresses and stains of life and breathe in a new fresh environment with his wife, they travelled to different countries especially for the different light and deeper shadows. He would wander off with his camera looking for storm drains, chairs and people to fill his 20mm frame. Places like Lanzarote, Tenerife, Brittany, Paris, Berlin, Czech Republic, to the closer shores of Cork, Donegal, Downpatrick, Donaghadee, Strangford Lough, the Ulster American folk Park in Omagh and Ulster folk park in Cultra. Often with two more great friends Ginger his beloved dog and Max his trusty MX5 car.

The stories and advice David passed on gave great depth to the talent he possesses and to the fact that an image is only found if you use the light available to its maximum potential. Study the scene if it's worth taking get the camera out. Keep it simple with a hint of suggestion of light to create shape and silhouettes. Expose the blacks and shadow tones to create the mood. David ended on one image of an old man caught in the light from a doorway at the beginning of the flight of stairs. The man takes half of the day to descend the stair for shopping and the other half struggling to climb them again. 'That's his life'. So simple a task but with everything he had! He did! A story told so beautifully in Black and Light.

Hugh Rooney closed the meeting expressing how much of a Pleasure and Inspiration it is to have David join us to give such a strong and encouraging presentation to the club members. Thanks to David from all members and friend at BNDCC. We wish you well! And hope you return again soon.

Bill Kirk a professional photographer has an photographic exhibition in Sync Space on Dufferin Avenue for a few weeks. It is open during normal business hours during the week.

Deborah Carvill


In just under 2years Guest judge John Belshaw from Shorts Camera Club returned to Bangor and North Down Camera Club to judge and adjudicate the 1st Round of the new season. 'Open' being the theme is a competition where anything can be submitted. From Bangor to Vietnam all avenues of natural history and portraits to sea/landscapes and sports were covered. Striking up some interesting viewpoints on the special effects some members had captured in the images.

John praised the club for attempting to push the boundaries and try something different. Members also introduced John to the Wolf Spider and the now famous 'Rihanna Tree' where the questions of titles for images was asked. Do we need titles or should the image say everything for themselves?

In one image from a foundation member he saw great potential to progress it into the NIPA competition where all clubs from Northern Ireland compete. John is the NIPA publicity representative for local papers and to welcome new members to the competition side of clubs he gave a brief rundown of the process judges take to make their selections on both the club and NIPA rounds.

Impressing on the speed at which the judges have to make their decisions the advice was to 'Pack a punch' with a 'to the point' message for the viewer in competition images also adding people to an image to give a greater focal point and sense of scale but not to many to overcrowd the message. Keep it as simple as possible with a Pin Sharp focal point.

In a portrait, the use of lead-in lines and a teardrop shape from the cloth framing the models face, John explained how it held and drew the viewer attention. Also the use of red to draw the viewers focus on but if background colours distracts from the main subject desaturate them or change the image to mono / B&W. John also passed on a little advice he was given and uses when printing to the members - 'Have a wee bit of Black Black, a wee bit of White White and all the tones in between for a great mono/ B&W image.



John gave constructive advice on every image in the foundation and advanced sections before he announced his winning places. They are as follows -

Foundation Colour Print

1st - Mark Bell - Here's lookin' at you
2nd - Mark Bell - Harvest
3rd - Bill Henning - Reflections of Donaghadee Lighthouse
HC - Harry Graham - Little Fleet
C - Harry Graham - Alone on a beach

Foundation Mono Print

1st - Bill Henning - Darkness Imminent
2nd - Mark Bell - The Staircase
3rd - Harry Graham - Ancient ways
HC - Harry Graham - Children of Lir
C - Bill Henning - Carrick Cannon

Foundation Projected Digital Image

1st - Bill Henning - Stair of light
2nd - Neal Stephens - Rig
3rd - Neal Stephens - Bee
HC - Brian Watt - Tulip
C - Bill Henning - Colourful weed

Advanced Colour Print

1st - Darren Brown - Eva
2nd - Anthony Crosbie - Ghostly Boulevard
3rd - Nigel Snell - Wildflowers
HC - Christine Pearson - Sunset at Birr
C - Darren Brown - Team Work

Advanced Mono Print

1st - Edward McCavana - All that Jazz
2nd - Hugh Rooney - Pauline
3rd - Hugh Rooney - Lucca
HC - Anthony Crosbie - In the shades
C - Darren Brown - Beacon of Hope

Advanced Projected Digital Image

1st - Darren Brown - Ripley
2nd - Darren Brown - Clouds over Copeland
3rd - Alan Field - Martial Arts
HC - Alan Field - Feeding time
C - Edward McCavana - Vancouver Waterfront



BNDCC would like to express their thanks to John Belshaw for spending his time in viewing the images and giving all members feedback and advice. Congratulations to all those who were placed and thanks to everyone who submitted images.

Next week a former member and friend to many at BNDCC David Foster will be presenting a talk on 'Black & Light' and in a change to the club programme our NI v's Spain Competition has been cancelled. Thanks to Mark Allan and Darren Brown who stepped in as a replacement by offering to host a presentation on 'Iceland' on 21st November. The 3rd October 2014 meeting will be arranged and members informed at a later date.

Deborah Carvill

Alan Gildea


Actor and film maker Allan Gildea made a welcome return to Bangor and North Down Camera Club on Friday and once again delivered a thought provoking presentation.

'Deep Focus and Mastery of Mise-en-scene - Citizen Kane' was the theme for the night. Comparing filmmaking and photography with the common thread of filling the frame with all the right components, lighting and composition to tell the story while keeping everything important in sharp focus.

Introducing Citizen Kane to members who hadn't seen the film Allan began with the main character Charles Foster Kane played by Orson Welles. A young man at the age of 25 on a journey through life until his demise in old age which is dramatically portrayed in the opening scene of the film with the whisper of his last word 'Rosebud'. The story unfolded and Allan relived the memories of his youth watching it for the first time. The inspiration he gained from such a groundbreaking movie of its time. Deemed by critics to be the 'greatest film ever made'. Well ahead of its time and a film many directors today use as their guide. Orson Welles himself quotes 'take all the advice you can get and ignore it! Do it your own way! A lesson maybe that our creativity can learn but it also has to advance in a new and fresh direction to survive.

Orson Welles himself by the age of 25 had co written, starred, directed and produced this critically acclaimed classic with the rare opportunity of having the freedom from any interference from the studio RKO. A testament to the talent and the confidence he showed at a young age.

Allan chose a few scenes within the film and explained the impact the vision and sound had on the characters. The phycological impact behind the different camera angles to create the contrasting feelings of terror or vulnerability. Revealing their Status within the storyline. Set lighting and how the actors were individually lit. The use of showing ceiling gave a more dramatic effect in those days as films were shot on lots and the film sets would only have walls with no ceilings. Orson Welles liked 'keeping it real'. He also wanted the audience to figure out for themselves the information being given to them. He allowed them the privilege of access into scenes that reality would deny them to witness. Giving filmgoers a great hook to captivate, while holding their attention with a strong story and a finish that reveals answers to all their questions. He introduced special effects into the process by making us believe we were traveling forward through a gap in a neon sign and on through a glass window to be in the presents of the actors of the scene.

Technical terms such as dolly and jib, tilt and pan, fixed point on the x and y. Demonstrating Important rules to follow the like the 180 degree rule of maintaining a level eyeline during filming so the final edits look natural so the actors facial expressions or eyes can tell the story and deliver their performance smoothly. Watching the scenes of the movie it became more evident that the visual aspect between film making and photography, those threads, became a wonderful masterpiece for Orson Welles and for those who wish to follow in his visual footsteps.

Allan gave a recent example on his latest role in the series being filmed in landmarks all over Northern Ireland - The Game of Thrones. 150 of the film crew filming one scene can take a day as they setup and repeat the scene over and over until everything comes together and cut is called. Allan also recommended that we check out the website or their Facebook page if you are interested in film making for more advice and tips.

BNDCC would like to thank Allan for giving us the opportunity to delve into the mind and works of Orson Welles and the 'out of the box' visions he had for this classic - Citizen Kane and we hope he will return to help challenge our creative processes again.

Next week is the 1st competition of the year. Round 1 - Open so good luck to everyone who submitted images.

Deborah Carvill

Bangor North Down Camera Club President Gerry Coe welcomed everyone back to the new club season 2014 - 2015. Gerry delivered news of the season's new programme and feedback from all the summer events.

The club exhibitions in the Curve Gallery at Bangor library and Aurora complex was greatly received and plans for next years exhibition was already underway. During the Open House Festival for 'Culture Day', Gerry and other club members held events on mobile photography and a walking photography tour in Bangor. Both resulting in further ideas for next years Festival uniting the spirit of the club with the community. Thanks to everyone involved!

Also acknowledging David Roberts and Mark Allen for their dedication to the club's Wednesday night workshops, to help out, Gerry revealed plans to continue with a camera based workshop held by a few extra advanced members of the club (which was successfully trialed last year).

Gerry expressed Thanks to Alan Mc Morris, Bobby Peacock, Harry Watson and John Bennett for their hard work in displaying the exhibition prints at the Aurora. Thanks was also expressed to Helen Fettus for arranging the preparation of the clubhouse before the first official meeting and for those member who helped out.

Gerry handed over to Noel Maitland for an update on the changes carried out to the clubhouse and a recap on health and safety procedures. Finally Alan Hartley announced that Round 1 competition night 'Open' is on Friday 19th September. Prints and images are due on Friday (12th September) meeting when our guest speaker will be Alan Gildea.

The main theme of the night was members holiday AVs or slideshows but in order to bridge the end of a memorable year to the promises of the year ahead kicking off the show was a presentation of the Annual Exhibition Projected Digital Images set to a beautiful piece of music and expertly put together thanks to Alan Mc Morris.

Bill Henning's 3 month trip to Cyprus gave us a taste and feel to the people, culture, food and beautiful landscapes. Christine Pearson's 2 AVs offered a variety of destination from Turkey and Hamburg to Lake Garda and Venice all in the company of wonderful friends. Ending with a visit to a few locals and a taste of our wee corner of the world we call home sweet home!

Alan Field visit to Vietnam with family took on a historic glimpse into a country which displayed a vast contrast between how the country has developed but captured the true character of the people and culture. Jack Thompson's Bugs and Blooms visited the macro world of Butterflies Spiders, Hoverflies and Bumble Bees all perfectly captured amid the beautiful flowers. Detail, colour and music all in harmony.

The Shannon Boat Rally by Noel Maitland showed a journey from Lough Ree yacht club to Ballinasloe. People of all ages, some dressing in costumes coming together to enjoy each other's sporting passions to reveal an atmosphere of community - just messing about on the river!

Alan Hartley showed a passion for the outdoors life in his AV of Guernsey with horses and traps, tractors and cyclists, sailboats in harbours with sunsets and reflections all portrayed in stunning landscapes and seascapes inviting us to visit. Trevor Robinson's vacation to Perth in Australia burst onto the screen with Kangaroos, Koalas, Pelican to surfer and the golden beaches. In contrast with the sculptures, trams and the city lights in the night sky.

The Italian Job and lastly the Giro in Belfast is the final stop on our travels in which Alan McMorris presented two AV's. The architecture, statues (both classical and modern) and artist painting on ceiling gave way to modern tourist and the 'Pisa Pose'. But the Giro pink is probably what many of us will remember about the summer of 2014 and Alan captured the buzz and passion stirred in the crowds of pink. Creating the excitement of the speed and colours in which the cyclists raced.

Well done and Thanks to the members who took the time and effort to put together AV's for the presentations.

Deborah Carvill