Audacity and Windows 10 Problem


My fumbling efforts might possibly be useful to you if you’ve recently upgraded to Windows10 and find that Audacity does not work.

It happened to me and I dutifully trawled through the various forums in search of a cure. Most suggestions were too technical for me so I sat down and just footered about until I resolved the issue.

In fact it didn’t take too long. My way of operating in these circumstances is to go to Settings or Preferences and try changing one thing at a time, remembering to replace the original setting if it doesn't work.

I  went to Preferences in Audacity (under the Edit tab) and then Devices. The first category you meet is INTERFACE and herein lay the solution.

The setting was MME so I tried changing it to Windows WASAPI  - and do you know, when I tried a test recording here didn't the damn thing work!

How? Why? No idea!  It just did.

If you have the same problem give it a try. You never know it might work for you too.

John Bennett